Wicked Wednesday : Cover this!

by kranARI

cover song photo

Singers that are starting out in the business often do famous covers using already established material to reach out to audiences. Covering a song is a great opportunity to show how you can give the material a spin and bring forth your own personal artistry and rendition. People seem to easily relate to songs that have been already released and the industry picked up on this straight away. Reality TV competitions like American Idol and The X Factor are prime examples of how shows are using covers as competitive material as well as entertainment. The popular Tv series Glee is a show which is essentially about well sung cover songs. You-tubers can now post their versions of famous songs online before getting their hands on a record deal. So I hope you enjoy the covers below and instead of posting your typical expected version, I aimed to find material which is a bit more rare and outdated. Feast your eyes and ears on hits of the 90s that building our way up to more recent ones.

Pixie Lott sings Ross & Richie’s “Endless Love“. Can’t decide wether this is at Hampstead Heath or Primrose Hill. Hmf. Any ideas?

Florence and the Machine covers “Don’t let go” by En Vogue.

Alicia Keys does Al Green’s “Lets stay together“.

Priscilla Ahn covers Willie Nelson’s “Opportunity to cry”.

Nerina Pallot covers Lily Allen’s “The Fear“.

Diana Vickers does Snow Patrol’s “Just say yes”.

Kate Nash covers Arctic Monkey’s “Fluorescent Adolescent“.

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