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Thursday for thought: Bring on the actor panels; a compilation of Paleyfest interviews

by kranARI


A good interviewer doesn’t only prepare interesting questions but also knows how to jump in and stand his or her ground in an interview. In these large panels it must be even harder to keep all cast members engaged, feeling included and produce interesting results so these are bits and bobs of my favourite panels that I wanted to share with all of you, ¬†all gathered together in one place.

Paleyfest panels are starting again, March 1 to 15 so in an attempt to get into the Paley mood, here are some videos from last year to get you warmed up.

sophia vergara, ty Burell, Paleyfest PayleyFest-Once-Upon-a-TIme, jennifer morrison, josh dalas, ginnifer goodwin

All videos are property of The Paley Centre for media, which is kind of the equivalent of “Inside the Actor’s studio” for television. Paley hosts amazing panels for all kinds of shows like Parks and Rec, Castle, Community, New Girl, Modern Family and any other current successful network shows that seems to attract some great fandoms.

Castle, nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Paleyfest


Stana and Nathan describe being handcuffed to each other for filming, I have to laugh about how they finish each other’s sentences…Penny Johnson (Captain Gates) talks about her induction into the series, she’s actually pretty funny!


Matt Bomer (Neal Caffrey) and the adorable Willie Garson discuss what it’s like working from day to day and what ultimately makes this show tick. After getting your Mozzie fix, I was surprised to find out the hilarious Marsha Thomason (who plays Diana) is actually from Manchester! The things you discover from watching interviews like this are amazing…


I love this clip of Sophia Vergara and Ed O’Neil talking about Gloria and Jay’s relationship. The most hilarious bit is the story about the dog and how Sophia and therefore Gloria end up hating the dog on the show…


Jennifer Morrison animately talks about how her character Emma will come to slowly accept Henry’s story book reality. Then, toys with the idea that kissing every character might bring back memories of who they truly are. Lana Parilla describes bringing her characters to life through costume and how her ass keeps growing with every fitting…


Hugh Laurie (House), Jesse Spencer (Chase) and Jennifer Morisson (Cameron) talk about how their acting styles affected each other’s performances. It’s fun to watch the banter amongst the cast.


In this clip, the beautiful Heather Morris talks about dancing in front of Britney Spears twice and the pop stars’ inability to make the connection. She excitedly describes how amazing it was to “fake vomit” on her birthday for the show while performing a Ke$ha number.

Moody Monday : Unassuming television Comedy Queens

by kranARI

As last week’s post ended on a comedic note (I was happily introducing you to one of my favorite current shows, Raising Hope) – I thought I would bring the subject back full circle and start the week on something funny.

If you can tell, things are going much better in my life at the moment which is mostly due to an OVERdue appointment with the chiropractor. Ah, the pain relief to my bulged disc in my back is making the creativity flow all the way up to my brain again!

So, without further ado, I would like to introduce you to my favorite ladies in comedy. They might not be exactly who you expect them to be (aka Tina Fey or Amy Poehler) but I’ve found a rather subtler, different generation to represent them. Tell me what you think…did I miss someone?


Kristen Wiig photo shoot

Kristen Wiig

Yes I know she is a Saturday Night Live alum, but the girl made me shed tears of laughter in Paul with her cute, beautiful, one-eyed, character, “Ruth Buggs”. Though I’m not terribly excited to see her new movie Bridesmaids which she wrote and is starring in (don’t ask me why, it’s just a gut feeling though I hope she can prove me wrong) – I AM excited to see her in future projects cause she is a great leading lady and a cinematic hidden gem.



Heather Morris, Glee

The genius of Heather Morris all-encompassed in one word is : Brittany. The creation of her character on Glee might be accidental but if you don’t know this already, it is Morris who actually contributes a lot of the amazing one-liners that make Brittany so incredibly hilarious. Her combination of amazing dance skills that would leave anyone open-mouthed along with great comedic timing, beauty and a dash of wit and dead pan (poker face humor) are what make her so absolutely unique. And hey she can even RAP!


Martha Plimpton_NY Times_Todd Heisler

photo by Todd Heisler, property of the New York Times

Again, Plimton is one of those hidden 80’s television/theatre gems that has only been rediscovered lately through her new television hit Raising Hope. If you remember well, Plimpton was a Goonies graduate and has built herself a great career in the theatre over the years. The thing I love about her is that she is so BLUNT, in-your-face and absolutely charming. Make sure to catch her on her new show ASAP and you can also get to know her on Jimmy Kimmel live.



property of InStyle magazine

I’m not going to lie to you. I wouldn’t necessarily call Sofia Vergara unassuming. She might look like someone who is a mix between your favorite NY tranny and your typical Latina heartthrob. And she is a big deal where she comes from! So it doesn’t surprise me that she has intelligently used her self-deprecating sense of humor for her character Gloria in the hit comedy series, Modern family. I think I read somewhere that someone wrote the part especially with her in mind. Check her out on the Late Show with Dave Letterman and you’ll see what I mean.


Portia DeRossi_photo shoot_Ellen

courtesy of

Thank Goodness Portia DeRossi doesn’t let her high-profile marriage to Ellen DeGeneres or her anorexic past define her. Well, it sort of does, as of late. But if you know Portia better, you’ll know she’s also a really good comedian known for roles in hit shows like Ally McBeal, Arrested Development and Better off Ted. The girl is just DAMN good at playing cold. But she also has great comedic timing and a knack for picking witty projects. Go Portia!

Wicked Wednesday : The power of choreography.

by kranARI

I have always been fascinated with dancers of all sorts but lately I’ve noticed that you can find really good choreography not only in ballets and at the theater but also on TV and in music videos. As the standards are rising higher and higher, choreographers are raising their standards and have become involved in mainstream TV shows like X Factor (yes Britney’s amazing choreographer, Brian Friedman does all the dance number choreography) – Glee and through films like “Black Swan”, stars like Natalie Portman are making the concept of ballet mainstream.

black swan – Benjamin Millipied

Natalie Portman_Black swan still

Not only did the Oscar winning actress opt for a year of grueling ballet training in preparation for her upcoming role but in turn ended up meeting and becoming engaged to the film’s choreographer Benjamin Millipied. And trust me when I say, it was not the physical transformation alone that landed her the Academy Award. It was the emotional range that she was able to display, for the first time in her career in fact that made her shine on the big screen. To find out more about her dance journey in the film watch the following interview where she talks about learning to appreciate the art of discipline and pain.

glee – Zack Wootly & Heather Morris

Heather Morris - Glee Brittany Paper Magazine Flirt Cosmeticsproperty of Paper Magazine

Glee_Power of Madonna stillproperty of FOX

Glee_Cheerios stillproperty of FOX

As far as television is concerned, Glee has taken first place, in my eyes at least, as a major contender in the choreography ladder. Zach Wootly, the show’s choreographer is mainly able to show off his amazing numbers through the cheer-leading squad The Cheerios but even the cast impresses with their triple threat action (singing, dancing and acting). I can’t even imagine the hours of rehearsals that go into preparing for the elaborate numbers the creators come up with each week. With Heather Morris leading their team of dancers, is kind of hard to get anything wrong. In the last video you can watch Heather perform at the AMAs with Beyonce.

The Cheerios

The Cast

Heather Morris

hold it against me – Brian Friedman

britney-spears-rolling-stone magazineproperty of Rolling Stone magazine

Britney Spears_vintage_young photo

Brintey Spears was born a dancer, and more recently of course, we’ve seen her show off her skills once again in her latest music video “Don’t Hold it Against me”. This, if I might say so myself is definitely her BEST DANCE work in a long time. Though the song itself probably should have been released as a summer dance anthem, the choreography to the video is absolutely mind blowing! Watch the choreographer Brian Friedman talk about what goal he was trying to reach while working this time around with Britney and the follow up by fast forwarding straight to 2:15 for the BEST PART of the music video (watch for the FIGHT SCENE!!) In the final video, Britney does a stint as part of a promotion for Friedman’s video and talks about what it’s like working with Brian as a choreographer. Though she is not the most articulate person in the world, her positive feedback and passion for his work definitely comes across in her eyes and expression when she talks about his influence in her videos.

Brian on HIAM & Britney

Hold it against me

Britney on Brian

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