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Wicked Wednesday : Winter Warmers featuring our favourite blogs and bands

by kranARI

Winter is always a great time to bundle up, sip hot drinks by the gallon and get your creative juices flowing by taking in as much of other people’s expressive energy as possible. Watch your favourite Tv shows, get some new movies under your belt, catch some artists perform up close and personal – I love doing this alone, with my loved one or even with friends and family…me and shmuttie always share our current show obsessions with friends and try and get them hooked on the ones we like and I even managed to bond with my mom over Rizzoli and Isles last summer when I stayed with her during her shoulder surgery!



sunshine in my eyes

When I’m not working, I like to surf some blogs, my current blog obsessions being Sunshine in my eyes, which features beautiful photography and insightful life musings with a refreshing spin & Agr8 song run by my friend who has decided to create his ideal classic playlist by allowing people to do the same and add on to his as well! I love my creative friends and can’t wait to get more ideas from the amazing blogosphere…so please share with me what your winter warmers are and feel free to add onto my list of fav things to watch, read and listen to!



courtesy of Steal Her Style

courtesy of Steal Her Style

Even though I was too sick to attend Tegan & Sara’s album launch party last week, can I just say how fabulous their new album is? It gives me great joy that people are starting to give them the recognition they truly deserve. Listen to their album Heartthrob on their official website. Here is an older gig photo we took and if like this sort of thing like our facebook page and you’ll see lots more from all the gigs we attend.

photo courtesy of shmuttie

photo courtesy of shmuttie


Tessa Bickers

photo courtesy of shmuttie

Also excited to hear some new music from newly formed band Tess and the Tellers, what an awesome name right? My multi-talented friend Tess has been making her music scene rounds for a while now and her experience and talent-honing is paying off big time. Have a listen to some favourite tracks like Folk off and The Dancer on their official site. You can catch Tess and the Tellers at their first headline show at Union Chapel but until then here are some older gig photos courtesy of shmuttie.

Tuesday Tunes : Best Tegan and Sara

by kranARI

tegana and sara quinn spin-shoot

tegan and sara

I wanted to keep you abreast of what the terrible Canadian twins have been up to in the land of music videos. Some are old and some are new, this is a visual taster of my personal Tegan and Sarafavourites.

tegan and sara black and white

When Tegan is not busy making fun of her straight man Sara (the one with the cool haircuts), they meet up – as they live in different cities – to make music. It beats me how they manage to keep their record so linear! Some songs are written by Tegan and some by Sara so when they perform them live, the other one does backup vocals and instrumentation on the respective other’s song. Amazing !!


“The Con”

“Call it off”


“Back in your Head”


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