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POLL : Deconstructing Miley. Come and vote on her new video, “Can’t be tamed”.

by kranARI



Seems like reviewers are trashing this video at the moment but I feel there’s something wildly different about it. Whether good or bad, my guilty music pleasures this month are definitely falling under the category of catchy songs. There’s something intriguing about young artist who rebel after they’ve been fiercely controlled throughout their lives (I’m having a Britney flashback as I write this) and something tells me this song might be Miley’s “Slave for you” moment. Have a look and see what you think. I want to hear your opinions so stop by the polls and vote on your way out.

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Holiday Heat : Disney Spawn

by kranARI

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff : The First

Hilary set precedent for all subsequent Disney Star graduates. At the time she embodied the essence of youth, purity and fresh talent. She’s had to work very hard to fit into her own skin and permanently erase the Disney image from her artistic identity.

Miley Cyrus elle magazine

Miley Cyrus : The Disney Prodigy

Miley equals what we call the triple threat in theatre. She could dance, act and sing by the age of 12 and acquired millions of young followers by the age of 15. Call it hit Television series, movie, arena concert or internet twitter fan base, she has mastered it. One wonders what more is left for this teenager to achieve in the future…

demi lovato

Demi Lovato : The Christian Rocker

The funny thing is that most Disney stars tick certain boxes. Christian, check ✞ Chastity believer, check ✔ Talented, can sing and possibly dance, double check ✓✓ So what remains that makes Demi Lovato special? For one, she fills a different quota than her other pop princesses. She has a certain edge and will always be the underdog compared to to her blonde and perky competitors.


Ashley Tisdale : The Odd One Out

Unfortunately Ashley Tisdale doesn’t tick any of the boxes above. Which makes me think that  her mainstream “success” outside the “High School Musical” series will be short lived.

vanessa hudgens instyle uk

Vanessa Hudgens : The Other Half

It’s no secret that Hudgens has been on people’s most hated list. Though she did a pretty decent job if I may say so myself on all of the “High School Musical” movies, she embodies a pretty typical modern teenage problem. She has been dating one of the most wanted young men in Hollywood. Over time she has developed lots of enemies instead of fans and unfortunately her personality (I have my sources) or lack of one hasn’t helped her recover her status. Hopefully her talent will help her resurface in the future.

selena gomez

Selena Gomez : The Hopeful

Thankfully Miss Gomez seems to be turning out to be quite a young lady. Between all the charity work that she involves herself in and her budding music career one hopes that this grounded teenager will stick around and show the world what she has in store for us to see .

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