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Moody Monday : Television’s Leading Ladies

by kranARI

Sarah Shahi_Venice photo shoot 2011

-sarah shahi-

Fairly Legal

Jennifer Beals_More Magazineproperty of More Magazine

-jennifer beals-

The Chicago Code

kate-walsh, photo shoot

-kate walsh-

Private Practice

Amy Poehler_GQ Magazineproperty of GQ magazine

-amy poehler-

Parks and Recreation

Chloe-Sevigny, photo shoot

-chloe sevigny-

Big Love

Mary-Louise Parker_Paper Magazineproperty of Paper Magazine

-mary louise parker-


tina-fey_Vanity Fair Magazine 2009property of Vanity Fair magazine

-tina fey-

30 Rock

Lea Michele_Glee_Marie Claire 2011property of Marie Claire magazine

-lea michele-


Moody Monday : Musical Theatre finally makes its way from the stage to TV

by kranARI

Today’s post is about two things: musical theatre and television. The following photo shoot is dedicated to musical theatre actresses who have carved out significant television careers and have some great juicy musical experience under their belt.

I have always been in awe of performers who possess the “triple threat” – people who can act, sing and dance are in my mind not only gifted but damn rare. Add on a few more ingredients like beauty and intelligence and you have the whole package.

Having been raised and bred educationally in the theatre / musical theatre arena, I have had the good fortune of having seen lots of amazing talent pass before my eyes and today I’m happy to say, after the era of High School Musical and Hannah Montana, that TV producers are finally investing in shows, directors and actors who are musically talented and are bringing these gifts of theirs to our screens.

If you’re a Glee fan, you’ll know exactly what I’m referring to. This past week’s episode “Theatricality” as well as “The Power of Madonna” are prime examples of excellent musical theatre (singing, dancing, outrageous costumes and corny but precious dramatic moments) translated to television.

I’m truly in awe of what this show has achieved and am hoping it will carve the way for new groundbreaking material. Here are my favourite current TV musical theatre girls.

Idina Menzel


Won our hearts over as the “evil witch” of “Wicked” (watch her duet “Defying Gravity with Helen Dallimore) and can now be seen on the hit series Glee, singing her heart out with Lea Michele. Check out the video at the end of the article for the famous duet Poker Face”.

Lea Michele


Suspiciously resembles Idina Menzel (and of course was cast as her daughter in “Glee”- a fact which makes me wonder who came first, the chicken or the egg). Make sure to watch their electrifying duet of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”. On stage, critics raved about her performance as the lead in “Spring Awakening” but even as a child, it was clear that Lea was meant for big things. She might portray the annoying, uber-talented know-it-all on the TV series “Glee” but audiences cannot get enough of this vocal diva.

Kristin Chenoweth


Who knew such a small person could have such a big voice – and what a presence she is. Chenoweth has not only bravely spoken out for male gay actors who play straight and rightly defended them against the infamous Newsweek article published a couple of months ago but more importantly has demonstrated her personal power through her artistry. Kristin is best known among the Broadway community for her role in Wicked as the original “good witch” Glinda and of course her collection of Tony, Emmy and Satellite awards.

Sara Ramirez


The thing I love about Sara Ramirez is her confidence. You can tell just by the way she walks (see “Red Dress” Runway fashion clip) into a room and the echo that her voice creates and her killer smile that she is a women comfortable in her own skin and that is a really sexy quality to possess. My feeling is that her musical theatre experience has helped harness her talent and build her confidence and it’s a truly rare and beautiful thing to see a “nomal, real” looking woman on screen,especially in comparison to her stick-thin co-stars on “Grey’s Anatomy”. She might be Arizona Robert’s other half on TV, but on Broadway she has built a steady career spanning from the late nineties till today.



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Tuesday Tunes: Love for Glee, defined. Favourite music numbers.

by kranARI

Glee cover of rolling stone

Why do we do it? Why do we love it so much? Is it the dancing, the singing, the corny love triangles or the quirky artsy characters?

I have a secret. I really HATED Glee the first time I watched it. And I HATED Jane Lynch’s character even more. I thought it was the corniest show I had ever seen and the song and dance routine was like a bad musical. But something changed when I saw it again. Was it all the press swirling around the show, all my friends telling me to watch it, I don’t know. What I do know is that now…when I watch the show every Thursday night after Skins, I feel uplifted and inspired. Musically, creatively and (this is going to sound really cheesy) artistically. There’s something when you put two and two together : kids and music and a good gay token character with a bunch of talented actors and singers that make me remember why I fell in love with music and theatre in the first place. For more info on the show I recommend going to the uber-stylish and edgy to catch up on your favourite characters and participating actors.

For those of you who don’t watch the show and just want to listen to the music or see the numbers…here we go, enjoy some of my favourite clips so far…(I apologise in advance for the annoying Spanish subtitles)

Put a Ring on it_Football Team

Take a Bow_Rachel

Keep Holdin On_Glee Cast

and the classic Don’t Stop Believin_Glee Cast on Oprah

Somebody to Love_Glee Cast on Oprah

Glee cast photo

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