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Thursday for Thought : How the superbowl made me check out new TV shows.

by kranARI

I am not a sports person. Never have been, probably never will be. Sure, I enjoy the occasional trip to Wimbledon or Eastbourne to watch some tennis but NO I do not watch sports on TV. So I resent it every year when Superbowl time comes around and I loose touch with my favorite TV shows for weeks.

This year a friend suggested we check out some new shows. So this is what I’ve come up with so far and even though they’re not high caliber material yet, as they’ve just started airing, they have potential and each one of them in their own way has certain highlights.

Check it out.

We’ve got Off the Map , created by ABC and co-produced by Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice) which is probably best described as your typical doctors show with a twist. The show is filmed in Hawaii which offers a stunning backdrop of the sea and mountains to the doctor’s adventures. However the ACTUAL location that the scenarios are set in are a small South American Village. There are three new doctors (actors Zach Guilford, Mamie Gummer and Caroline Dhavernas) who come to the town right out of med school. They each have an interesting past accompanying them and a reason for which they decided to leave their homes in search of a bigger challenge. Alongside them are (Martin Henderson and Rachelle Lefevre as well as Jason Winston George and valerie Cruz) – doctors with experience who guide the younger ones and save the villagers lives from daily disease and trauma.

Reasons to watch

Cute actors : (Though obnoxious Guilford can be considered HOT, though in my opinion Henderson is much more attractive). Rachelle LeFevre (who got sacked from Twilight for scheduling differences) is quite HOT herself and seems to possess some acting chops on top of it.

Rachelle Lefevre_Off the Map

Acting talent : Mammie Gummer is Meryl Streep’s daughter so watch out for those multi-talented families. I was lucky enough to work with both Guilford and Gummer in my Uni days and I can tell you firsthand, their talent is undeniable so I’m happy to see them make it.

Mamie Gummer_Off the mapproperty of ABC

Interesting Characters : Caroline Dhavernas‘s character has a very interesting background (it’s revealed in the first episode that she has lost her fiance to a biking accident and there is definitely some good chemistry between her and Martin Henderson’s character)

Caroline Dhavernas_Off the Mapproperty of ABC

Cultural factors : Finally ABC has made the decision to do some culture integration. I’m so tired of watching shows that are geared only towards one cultural group. It’s nice to see Americans trying to integrate and learn another’s culture instead of trying to impose their “let me save the world” mentality on the rest of the us. The writers try to incorporate this aspect especially through Zac Guilford’s character (Dr Fuller).

ZACH GILFORD_Off the map

Reasons NOT to watch

Corn factor : The show seems to waver on corny as it deals a lot with scenarios of life and death.

Lack of reality/lack of facts : If you are a person that appreciates shows that are quite realistic in nature, you’re definitely going to issues with this show. Unfortunately the facts presented are sometimes hazy, the scenarios far-fetched and the medical research poorly done. So for all those House and CSI fans, beware.



Skins USA


Skins UK_cast

I had to laugh at the following report. However, it made me pay attention to the US version of Skins. Let me give you some back story. I am European-American by origin (and I don’t mean emigrant). I was born in the US but raised in Europe. So I’m kind of torn between the two, always have been, always will be. At the moment I live in the UK.

When I heard there was a US version of Skins coming out I chuckled at how US audiences would be able to handle the raw style that Skins brings to our screens. I was curious to say the least but now my suspisions have been confirmed.

This morning I found this article on ONTD. And I quote :

‘Skins’ Creator Releases Statement; UK Viewers Are Better”

“Skins is a very simple and in fact rather old fashioned television series. It’s about the lives and loves of teenagers, how they get through high school, how they deal with their friends, and also how they circumnavigate some of the complications of sex, relationships, educations, parents, drugs and alcohol. The show is written from the perspective of teenagers, reflects their world view, and this has caused a degree of controversy both in the UK and the USA.

“In the UK, viewers and commentators very quickly realized that although there are some sensational aspects to the show, Skins is actually a very serious attempt to get to the roots of young people’s lives. It deals with relationships, parents, death, illness, mental health issues, the consequences of drug use and sexual activity. Sometimes that thas a very straightforward approach to their experiences; it tries to tell the truth.

So there you have it. Thank you ONTD for posting this released statement.


If you are a US viewer you are more likely to be offended by having your eyes opened to reality, but if you are a European viewer you will most probably this was one of the best shows ever created.

US Trailer

UK Trailer


Holiday Heat : Glorious Ginger

by kranARI

This is my personal tribute to natural and not-so-natural redheads. Just because.

Florence and the Machine

florence and the machine

A fine Frenzy

a Fine Frenzy

neko case

neko case

Jenny Lewis

jenny lewis

Bryce Dallas Howard

bryce Dallas howard

julianne moore

julianne moore

Ingrid Michealson photo shoot

ingrid michaelson


rachelle LeFevre

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POLL : Eclipse, Rachelle Lefervre’s recasting

by kranARI

Rachelle Lefevre

Check her out in the new ECLIPSE behind the scenes footage, exclusively posted by Perez.

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