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Wicked Wednesday : Is it time to take the “featuring” out of the picture?

by kranARI

I don’t know about you guys but I’m getting a little tired of this whole fad that’s going around lately featuring a young successful singer singing the chorus to a rap song. It all started with JAY Z and Alicia Keys – and don’t get me wrong, it worked. With no disrespect to Goudling (because her talent is undeniable) but has it come to the point where we’re having type casting in music videos as well now? In other words did a music exec go, “Hmmm yes, I think this Ellie Goulding has a decent voice and the looks that we need for this video, let’s ask her if she’s interested!”


Tinie Tempah ft Ellie Goulding

property of Arise Magazine

These were the videos where I thought it worked well. But maybe it’s time to look for another attraction.

Alicia Keys_Uptown Magazine shootproperty of Uptown Magazine

JayZ ft Alicia Keys

Part of what makes these videos and songs great are the fact that the choruses are absolutely genius and catchy…

Hayley Williams_photo shoot

B.O.B ft Haley Williams

It scares me how many hairstyles Rihanna has sported in the past couple of years. Is there such a thing as hair style addiciton?

Rihanna_cougar photo shoot

Eminem ft Rihanna


This is my personal favorite though it’s more of a mash-up than a collaboration/feature.

Florence and the Machine_Welsh

Florence and the Machine ft Dizee Rascal


Wicked Wednesday: New Music Video Releases

by kranARI

Check out the following NEW RELEASES happening in the music scene today. Also added the perk of some cool acoustic versions you might enjoy.

florence and the machine

First up we have Florence Welsh from Florence and The Machine with the re-release of “Dog Days are over“. The ethereal quality of this music video and the vocals remind me very much of Feists’ tracks “1,2.3.4” or “I feel it all”.

Florence is a very visual artist when it comes to her videos but the reason you need to know her is because I have a feeling that she’s going to be around for a while. Her constantly evolving style brings much to be anticipated from her in the future.

ellie goulding

For Ellie Goulding fans an acoustic version of Wish I stayed“. The other day I read a great article on Ellie Goulding in the Evening Standard. She has a very interesting past and a very down-to-earth view on life.

Also, The Independent has a fab article on young Goulding you can checkout on their site.

marina and the diamonds

Marina and the Diamonds did an acoustic cover of Hollywood. I still have lots of questions regarding Marina and the Diamonds which will probably be resolved once I do my research on this band. The main one that’s popping out at me at the moment is : is Marina Greek? How cool would that be if she was…(I have totally selfish reasons for thinking that a compatriot of mine could be so popular in the mainstream music scene).

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