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Wicked Wednesday : Winter warmers end with our fave TV shows of the season

by kranARI


Once Upon a time cast at C

Once Upon a time has become my winter discovery and let me just say, how perfect of a winter saver it has been. The show brings back childhood memories of Grimm and other fairy tales and puts a classic spin on things. What I love about this show is the vast imagination that goes into the writing and how all characters especially the villains are given a human side relatable to all. Did I also mention the really hot cast? Read a good review of the show on Silver Screen Rave.


photo courtesy of ScreenRant

If I’ve manage to intrigue you with talk about Zero Dark Thirty, you should give Homeland a try. Even though Showtime’s current season has come to an end, feel free to brush up on older episodes because let me tell you, this show will ROCK YOUR WORLD! Accept the possibility that you will be having a relationship with Claire Danes’ wobbly chin and dine in! Both Danes, Damian Lewis (the most evil / loveable antagonist you’ll ever meet) and the show have lots of awards to prove their worth but take my word for it, make yourself a cup of herbal tea, cause your heart will be beating too fast for its own liking and sit back and enjoy.


castle tv guide nathan fillion stana katic

property of TV Guide

And when Homeland has made you curl up in a ball of nerves, just change the channel and watch something lighter like Castle. Yes, the past few seasons have been full of angst but this current one is one loved up, humorous taste of heaven. Yes, let’s analyse this Stana Katic obsession.


One of the most understated shows of the year is probably the US version of Sherlock. With gripping story lines and the unique characterisation by Jonny Lee Miller in the role of Sherlock, the show has successfully managed to quickly become a weekly favourite of mine. It’s dark, yet witty with a tinge of humour and some real angst is starting to develop between its two main characters Watson (played by Lucy Liu) and Sherlock. What a clever idea the creators had to pick a female Watson opposite Miller’s Holmes and I’ve been even more pleased recently to discover some of Lucy Liu’s hidden talents. A very interesting analysis on Elementary if you ‘re keen to check it out is written by Miss Alexandrina in this well thought out psychological piece.

Wicked Wednesday : Winter Warmers continues with fave films

by kranARI


Zero Dark thirty, Jessica Chastain

Have you watched Zero Dark Thirty yet? And if not, what in the world are you waiting for? Kathryn Bigelow has done it again, and what a piece of art this film truly is. Bigelow is without a doubt a gem to the industry, who men and women alike look up to. A master of suspense and craftsmanship, I really hope this film can surpass its controversial nature and stand out for its quality during this year’s awards season. Also, did I mention Jessica Chastain is also starring and in almost every scene? Watch it or read a cool review by Banterflix.

Wicked Wednesday : Winter Warmers featuring our favourite blogs and bands

by kranARI

Winter is always a great time to bundle up, sip hot drinks by the gallon and get your creative juices flowing by taking in as much of other people’s expressive energy as possible. Watch your favourite Tv shows, get some new movies under your belt, catch some artists perform up close and personal – I love doing this alone, with my loved one or even with friends and family…me and shmuttie always share our current show obsessions with friends and try and get them hooked on the ones we like and I even managed to bond with my mom over Rizzoli and Isles last summer when I stayed with her during her shoulder surgery!



sunshine in my eyes

When I’m not working, I like to surf some blogs, my current blog obsessions being Sunshine in my eyes, which features beautiful photography and insightful life musings with a refreshing spin & Agr8 song run by my friend who has decided to create his ideal classic playlist by allowing people to do the same and add on to his as well! I love my creative friends and can’t wait to get more ideas from the amazing blogosphere…so please share with me what your winter warmers are and feel free to add onto my list of fav things to watch, read and listen to!



courtesy of Steal Her Style

courtesy of Steal Her Style

Even though I was too sick to attend Tegan & Sara’s album launch party last week, can I just say how fabulous their new album is? It gives me great joy that people are starting to give them the recognition they truly deserve. Listen to their album Heartthrob on their official website. Here is an older gig photo we took and if like this sort of thing like our facebook page and you’ll see lots more from all the gigs we attend.

photo courtesy of shmuttie

photo courtesy of shmuttie


Tessa Bickers

photo courtesy of shmuttie

Also excited to hear some new music from newly formed band Tess and the Tellers, what an awesome name right? My multi-talented friend Tess has been making her music scene rounds for a while now and her experience and talent-honing is paying off big time. Have a listen to some favourite tracks like Folk off and The Dancer on their official site. You can catch Tess and the Tellers at their first headline show at Union Chapel but until then here are some older gig photos courtesy of shmuttie.

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