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Moody Monday : Geek is Chic

by kranARI

Most people would agree that geeks are endearing. I’m not referring to “fake geeks”- you know, people who wear over sized specs for fashion but actually have brains filled with fluff. I’m talking about real geeks, people whose eyes glimmer when they talk about something they love and feel slightly guilty about loving it. Now whether that interest is called science, sewers, comics or cinema, I personally find it endearing to see someone I love GEEK OUT at any given moment. I read a great article last week on Freshly Pressed, called Top 10 Romantic movies for Geeks which inspired me to write about and present you with an amusing photo collection which just might make you geek out, Kristen Bell style.


Ksenia Solo, Lost Girl, Black Swan


zoie palmer, lost girl, the guard


courtesy of The Mind Reels

anna silk, Lost Girl, Nicorrette commercial, Being Erica


Of course, any of you who know the show, know that Lauren’s character (aka Zoie Palmer) is the epitome geeky. She plays scientist who is otherwise adorable, cool, collected and just plain hot. Now we can all Geek out to this wonderful Canadian sci-fi show in the US as well. I am so excited my favorite characters are back (aka: Kenzi and Lauren) so now the fandoms can finally find out what happens to Doccubus (Bo & Lauren ) or Bo & Dyson. Read a fun interview at the TV Watchtower to find out more about the show.


Angie Harmon, Rizzoli and Isles, Law and Order


courtesy of Angie Harmon’s Twitter page

Stana Katic on Castle


jennifer beals, chicagoo code, the l word


heather peace on Lip Service

HEATHER PEACE on Lip Service

 courtesy of HeatherPeaceFans

Gillian Anderson Esquire Magazine


property of Esquire Magazine, courtesy of Girl with a Pen

Cops can be pretty geeky in their own kind of way right? I mean they geek over cases for weeks, months, years, they know weird facts that normal people have never heard of and they’re kind of reclusive. There is definitely something very appealing about all of this but God forbid you fall for a cop cause I’ll bet you you’ll never get to see them…So there you have it, Angie Harmon from Rizzoli and Isles, Stana Katic from Castle, Heather Peace from Lip Service, Gillian Anderson from the epic The X Files¬†and Jennifer Beals from The Chicago Code. Anyone I forgot? Feel free to add onto the list…

Moody Monday : BBC3 welcomes the Lip Servants

by kranARI

Yes I am aware, it is a bit late to be writing about this show since it’s actually completed its first season and awaiting a season two renewal (fingers and toes crossed) but that is the exact reason to resurrect the subject. In fact surprisingly I was one of the people to say that I wasn’t very impressed after watching the first episode. But I slowly but surely fell in love with the quirky characters (aka : Tess and Ed), the love Triangle (Frankie, Cat and Sam) and the friendships. A beautifully shot show which brought Glasgow to the forefront and revealed a different side to the Gay lifestyle in the UK.

So there you have it. I hope you enjoy some of these rare photos that I was able to get my hands on and feast you eyes while we wait till next year for season two.


Heather Peace - Lip ServiceHeather Peace , courtesy of

Heather literally has acquired quite a lot of experience in different performance sectors (Television, Music and Theatre). If you’re a HP fan you should check out her website for upcoming gig info as she’s quite a talented gal both vocally and instrumentally.

Ruta Gedmintas - Lip Service

Ruta Gedmintas

Ruta actually came to my attention on “The Tudors” and was quite well cast in LS for her physique but also for her acting ability. She was characterised by the LS casting director as “someone who has depth but also restraint of emotion”. Catch Ruta in the upcoming Showtime TV series “The Borgias”

Laura Fraser

Laura is basically Glasgow’s golden girl. She’s been acting in Film and Television for years since late teens and continues to work on local as well as various UK and international projects. I loved her work in Lip Service and I was surprised to find a vast list of projects she’s been in on IMDB. Look for her in the new series to come out next year from the creators of US series 24.

Fiona Button - Lip Service

Fiona Button, courtesy of

Fiona is the theatre mogul of the group recently appearing onstage in the London production of An Ideal Husband to raging reviews. I believe you can still catch her in it!

Roxanne McKee - Lip Service

Roxanne McKee, courtesy of

For the UK public she will always be known for her role of Louise Summers in Hollyoaks. In Lip Service she’s always be known for the woman who broke Tess’s heart.

Natasha O'Keefe - Lip Service

Natasha O’Keefe

Natasha, (aka Sadie if you can’t recognise her in this photo) is a relatively new face on Television so look out for her in future series. It’s always nice to see new faces on TV and it seems to me that the creator of Lip Service had a big soft spot for the character of Sadie (as quoted on the DVD special features interview). Check it out on the newly released DVD.

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