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Moody Monday : Too cool for school

by kranARI

As kids are heading back to school today after Easter Holidays, I thought – Why not be rebellious and do a piece on not wanting to go back.

I personally HATED school as a kid but I never seemed the rebellious type. I must have been screaming on the inside because every morning right before we reached the last traffic light before the campus, my stomach would knot, churn and do a double flip – I would have paid anyone ANY amount of money to take me away from that place. No smoking in the toilets, binge drinking or making out in the corridors was involved.

When I was really young, I used to fake illnesses and since I wan’t half bad as an actress, I’d get away with it most of the time and enjoy my fish sticks glued to the TV alone for the rest of the day. Later on, I did however learn to cut class, surprisingly with my mother’s consent. (Be jealous, my mom was cool like that, she was openminded about letting me cut class as long as there was good reason and nothing important to miss). So there you have it. I picked out the most rebellious images I could find of those people I used to envy for having the guts to show what I din’t dare to : how they felt on the inside.


scarlett johansson

Gwyneth-Paltrow-by Michael-Thompson

gwyneth paltrow

Angelina Jolie smoking

angelina jolie

kristen stewart

kristen stewart


kate winslet

Cate Blanchett

cate blanchett


elily allen

kate-walsh private practice

kate walsh

kaya scodelario skins

kaya scodelario

Carey-Mulligan an Education

carey mulligan

Ellen_Page -Hard_Candy

ellen page

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POLL : Who was YOUR favourite skins character this season?

by kranARI

I am sure I was not the only one enjoying and obsessing over Skins this season. The music, the cinematography, the characters, the story line…Ahhhhh so satisfying. Naomi’s monologue was ace! (I’m sure Naolmily fans went bonkers on Twitter, thank God they gave a lesbian couple a happy ending-writers usually kill them off though suicide or mental illnesses, or cancer) Cook finally got his revenge and will always be remembered for sticking up for his friend (“I am nothing”). How fabulous of a scene was that! JJ gets with the girl of his dreams and Panda and Thomas might have their Harvard ending after all. Nobody really cares about Katie, though I’ve actually grown to like her recently, so she doesn’t really get a proper ending. And Effy is out of the looney bin so she might have a chance with her crazy stalker dead.

Who lets put it to a vote. Who did it for you this season? I know lots of you preferred season 1 and 2 but if these past season have moved you, who is responsible-I want to know. Ps: you can vote for more than one 🙂

So I guess I’m going to have to kill the Skins blues by finally watching season 1 and 2.

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