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Feature Friday : Rachel Shelley (aka : why I almost fell off my sofa)

by kranARI

I almost fell off my sofa tonight as I was watching episode 4 of the new series Episodes. As we all know (all of us Television addicts) every freakin show has gone on hiatus now in the US, which doesn’t leave us with much to work with.

Until about a week ago, I was catching up on episodes of season 1 of Raising Hope, a hilarious comedy about a boy who is stuck raising baby Hope by himself with the help of his clueless but amazing trailer trash family (check out my post on the show and it’s cast HERE). Then, I got slightly addicted to season one of Off the Map (check out my post on it HERE), a show produced by Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy & Private Practice writer and creator). In a few words, I wouldn’t generally recommend it but it’s a good time killer as it’s a medical drama set in the jungle with some interesting characters. Unfortunately it seems as though it’s going to get canceled next season. So there you have it.

I was stuck with nothing to watch so I decide to delve into my best friend’s recommendation, a new series Episodes, starring no other than Matt LebLanc. Yes, Matt LeBlanc I repeat. Not your obvious choice, but surprisingly he is amazing in this role which is practically tailored to fit both his humor, his charm and his intellect. Yes, he IS intelligent it turns out, as well as sweet and extremely likeable – even though he sounds like a jock most of the time. The show itself is evolving into something quite interesting. A British/American creation and collaboration, it brings together elements of both worlds as well as the shenanigans that go on behind the writers chair on a television series. The UK cast, Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig do a great job portraying the easily swayed and doe eyed / cynical British couple that go from London to LA to bring their hit television series to the US screens. Likewise the US cast, headed by Leblanc, is surprisingly witty and self-deprecating in a very un-American way. Maybe that’s why I love the show!

rachel-shelley_property of Showtimeproperty of Showtime

So – back to why I almost fell off the sofa. All of a sudden who pops on the screen? Rachel Shelley. UK, British Rachel Shelley doing ana amazingly funny valley American accent. She literally stole the entire scene! What a nice surprise. I included the clip beneath so you can have a look. I managed to avoid a fall but I certainly could not suppress a gaffaw!


If you don’t know Rachel, you might remember her on the L Word recently or Lagaan, one of the most famous Bollywood films of 2001. She also starred opposite the adorable Heather Graham in Grey Matters. Rachel is also a writer and has a regular column with DIVA Magazine. I love reading her articles each month as she has a way with language and always follow her projects. The below video is a fan made video of some clips from the L Word, it’s cute!


So, if you have a chance, check her out in Lagaan, she plays the adorable English love interest Elizabeth Russel and the intriguingly beautiful, powerful and charming Helena Peabody in the L Word who goes from riches to rags. We all loved her in both and there is much to see beyond her beauty. She possesses wit and charm as well as a very subtle style which seeps through all her roles.  She also has a wicked sense of humor. While she was in LA filming the L word, she did a hilarious cover of the song Run by Snow Patrol.


You can also check out her column in the monthly issues of DIVA magazine. Here is a sample of her interviewing Jennifer Beals in the July 2010 issue. Go Rachel! We definitely want to see more of her hilariousness on TV!

Rachel Shelley_The L word_Lagaan

Thursday for Thought : Rachel Shelley writes for DIVA

by kranARI

Rachel Shelley as Helena Photo: Max Vadukal/Showtime Photo photo property of Max Vadukal/Showtime

For all those L Word Fans out there, you might know that Laurel Holloman (aka -the faithful and passionate better half of Bette Porter, Tina) might have shifted her creative expression to painting, but Rachel Shelley (aka -the spoiled yet loveable, Helena) is not one to fall behind.

For a while now, I believe even before she left the L Word she has been doing some creating of her own. I have accidentally come across some of her commentary on the L Word and beyond (her memoirs from movie sets), on websites and now, not surprisingly, her own monthly column in the fabulous DIVA Magazine.

I myself have been an occasional reader of DIVA for a while now, but not until recently did I start purchasing it religiously. (Perhaps those HOT Lip Service covers are to blame or their innovative articles on gay parenting – I am not yet sure). The point is I have come to love DIVA and one of my favourite bits to read is Rachel Shelley’s column. What I also love is that when it comes the time to do a piece on the L Word, it is often Shelley who interviews the stars. She’s done two interviews on Jennifer Beals and Laurel Holloman respectively. What a treat!

I love how stylises her sentences with conventional yet refreshing British sayings and never fails to make me chuckle. I can just her Helena P annunciating every consonant as she types away briskly on her laptop. So sweet she is indeed!

So I urge you, even if you don’t read DIVA, to pick up one of their issues or order it online – these are the times I wish I had an IPAD! – and enjoy the clever ramblings of our fellow creative lady. I’m now seriously considering becoming a monthly subscriber – they’ve got me under their spell…

Rachel Shelley for ShowtimeRachel Shelley for Showtime


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