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Tuesday Tunes : Folk and the city

by kranARI

A great article on London’s growing folk scene called Folk Music in the city is what inspired me to write this post. I wanted to fill all you folkies in on how big this music genre has become over the past three years and what better way to do it than to introduce you to some of my favourite folk artists. If you want to see them live, I would sign up for their newsletters by clicking on their names below (this will take you straight to their official website) or you can check out this fab site – For Folk’s Sake – that has all the up and coming news on artists and gig reviews. Hope you enjoy.


noah and the whale with laura marling

These were the good old times when Laura Marling was a member of Noah and the Whale, not that their music has any less value now, but there was a certain sweetness to their band – four boys and a girl play 5 years time.


laura marling

Laura Marling wrote New romantic after breaking up with Noah and the Whale’s Charlie Fink. She then went on to become a solo act and is now dating Mumford and sons frontman Marcus Mumford. Seems like we’ve got a bit of folk incest going on here. For more information on Laura click on this previous links on the blog for Feature Friday : Laura Marling.


mumford and sons

Mumford and Sons have really taken off this year as you might have noticed with their massive posters covering the walls of several London underground stations. I experienced them for the first time at the Fee Fie Foe Fum Christmas Party along with a bunch of other folk bands including the following Peggy Sue and Jay Jay Pistolet.  I was blown away.  Here they sing Little Lion Man.



You can catch Peggy Sue’s live music on my Ray-Bans Balcony Sessions article and to supplement that I have for you here yet another awesome live performance of Watchman.


Jay Jay Pistolet

I’ll let Jay Jay Pistolet speak for himself and his music in this following clip where you can get a taster of his music . Here he is taped singing Happy Birthday You.

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Wicked Wednesday : Ray-bans have Balcony sessions?

by kranARI

Apparently they do. And they’re awesome! The best thing I’ve seen in a long time. Draw a background sheet of London with buses and black cabs driving around while singers strum along and belt out tunes on a balcony top. Whoever came up with this was a genius. Hand the artist a pair or Ray-Bans and let them do their thing…



I ‘ve previously mentioned Laura Marling in a past Feature Friday article, so if you want to see her Ray-Ban session singing “Rambling Man”, click on this link and be transported back in time…


marina and the diamonds

Next up, Marina and the Diamonds front-woman sings “Obsessions”



Another fab British folk duo that I discovered at a Laura Marling gig is Peggy Sue. Here they sing “Yo-mama”


florence and the machine-by-tom-beard

Fabulous slash weird (confession : her hand movements scare me slightly) – Florence Welsh sings my favourite “Kiss with a fist” from the Isle of Wight ray-ban sessions.

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