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Moody Monday : Game on for Game of Thrones.

by kranARI

So Game of Thrones has just had its Hollywood premiere and I’m getting all excited for season 3. I’m sure a lot of you out there are with me on this so I’ve decided upon a little GOT appreciation post, which could easily be misconstrued as a Lena Headey appreciation post. Well, you wouldn’t be totally off. Gotta love the woman – Emilia Clarke isn’t half bad either. Here are some photos and outtakes from Rolling Stone that I found especially intriguing. Come join me on the season 3 journey and please do share any thoughts on the show and the books., game of thrones.jpg

image property of Rolling Stone

Rolling-Stone-Magazine-Outtakes-game-of-thrones-Alfie Allen, Lena Headey

image property of Rolling Stone

 Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, Game of Thrones shoot by Rolling Stone Magazine.

image property of Rolling Stone

 Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, Game of Thrones shoot by Rolling Stone Magazine.E

image property of Rolling Stone

Tuesday Tunes : Crushing on Haim, artist of the month.

by kranARI

Man this band is something to be reckoned with. I accidentally ran across them at the Florence & The Machine gig at the O2 this past winter. Sisters Este, Danielle and Alana are both talented individuals in their own respect but also as a unit.


The relationship they held with instruments was the first thing that caught my eye and the second was how much they looked alike. Of course, I later found they were related, but their resemblance goes well beyond looks. You see it in their facial expressions while they perform so passionately live and you can tell these girls are in it for the fun as well as for their passion for the music they play. This video explained a lot for me, how they got started out, how it all roots back to their family’s love for music, how they grew up surrounded by instruments and how the band came about.


My favourite part is their mom and dad talking about their offspring band-the dad is such an adorable man of what seems to be Middle Eastern decent-and I just had to chuckle at his stern, very matter of fact comments throughout.

Their sound is unique, based somewhere in between classic melancholy rock and a more contemporary indie folk genre which doesn’t really exist. They are young and in my opinion redefining a genre. Their production has an old fashioned vibe if you listen to their EP, which I just proudly purchased on iTunes, called Forever. There is something very exciting about EPs as they have a fresh, unrefined touch to them and you know if you buy them you are really making a difference and helping a young blossoming artist make their way…So go check them out!

These are some of their most famous music videos which I recommend you have a look at.



Thursday for thought: Bring on the actor panels; a compilation of Paleyfest interviews

by kranARI


A good interviewer doesn’t only prepare interesting questions but also knows how to jump in and stand his or her ground in an interview. In these large panels it must be even harder to keep all cast members engaged, feeling included and produce interesting results so these are bits and bobs of my favourite panels that I wanted to share with all of you, ¬†all gathered together in one place.

Paleyfest panels are starting again, March 1 to 15 so in an attempt to get into the Paley mood, here are some videos from last year to get you warmed up.

sophia vergara, ty Burell, Paleyfest PayleyFest-Once-Upon-a-TIme, jennifer morrison, josh dalas, ginnifer goodwin

All videos are property of The Paley Centre for media, which is kind of the equivalent of “Inside the Actor’s studio” for television. Paley hosts amazing panels for all kinds of shows like Parks and Rec, Castle, Community, New Girl, Modern Family and any other current successful network shows that seems to attract some great fandoms.

Castle, nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Paleyfest


Stana and Nathan describe being handcuffed to each other for filming, I have to laugh about how they finish each other’s sentences…Penny Johnson (Captain Gates) talks about her induction into the series, she’s actually pretty funny!


Matt Bomer (Neal Caffrey) and the adorable Willie Garson discuss what it’s like working from day to day and what ultimately makes this show tick. After getting your Mozzie fix, I was surprised to find out the hilarious Marsha Thomason (who plays Diana) is actually from Manchester! The things you discover from watching interviews like this are amazing…


I love this clip of Sophia Vergara and Ed O’Neil talking about Gloria and Jay’s relationship. The most hilarious bit is the story about the dog and how Sophia and therefore Gloria end up hating the dog on the show…


Jennifer Morrison animately talks about how her character Emma will come to slowly accept Henry’s story book reality. Then, toys with the idea that kissing every character might bring back memories of who they truly are. Lana Parilla describes bringing her characters to life through costume and how her ass keeps growing with every fitting…


Hugh Laurie (House), Jesse Spencer (Chase) and Jennifer Morisson (Cameron) talk about how their acting styles affected each other’s performances. It’s fun to watch the banter amongst the cast.


In this clip, the beautiful Heather Morris talks about dancing in front of Britney Spears twice and the pop stars’ inability to make the connection. She excitedly describes how amazing it was to “fake vomit” on her birthday for the show while performing a Ke$ha number.

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