Thursday for Thought : Rachel Shelley writes for DIVA

by kranARI

Rachel Shelley as Helena Photo: Max Vadukal/Showtime Photo photo property of Max Vadukal/Showtime

For all those L Word Fans out there, you might know that Laurel Holloman (aka -the faithful and passionate better half of Bette Porter, Tina) might have shifted her creative expression to painting, but Rachel Shelley (aka -the spoiled yet loveable, Helena) is not one to fall behind.

For a while now, I believe even before she left the L Word she has been doing some creating of her own. I have accidentally come across some of her commentary on the L Word and beyond (her memoirs from movie sets), on websites and now, not surprisingly, her own monthly column in the fabulous DIVA Magazine.

I myself have been an occasional reader of DIVA for a while now, but not until recently did I start purchasing it religiously. (Perhaps those HOT Lip Service covers are to blame or their innovative articles on gay parenting – I am not yet sure). The point is I have come to love DIVA and one of my favourite bits to read is Rachel Shelley’s column. What I also love is that when it comes the time to do a piece on the L Word, it is often Shelley who interviews the stars. She’s done two interviews on Jennifer Beals and Laurel Holloman respectively. What a treat!

I love how stylises her sentences with conventional yet refreshing British sayings and never fails to make me chuckle. I can just her Helena P annunciating every consonant as she types away briskly on her laptop. So sweet she is indeed!

So I urge you, even if you don’t read DIVA, to pick up one of their issues or order it online – these are the times I wish I had an IPAD! – and enjoy the clever ramblings of our fellow creative lady. I’m now seriously considering becoming a monthly subscriber – they’ve got me under their spell…

Rachel Shelley for ShowtimeRachel Shelley for Showtime


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