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Moody Monday : Wes Anderson style

by kranARI

Wes Anderson has always been a huge stylistic and visual inspiration of mine so I wanted to share with you a short collection of his muses covering an array of his films : most recently we have (Kara Hayward) from Moonrise Kingdom, an older personal favourite is (Gwyneth Paltrow) in The Royal Tennenbaums,  (Olivia Williams) from Rushmore and of course (Cate Blanchett) from The life aquatic with Steve Zissou. Not yet released is (Saoirse Ronan) in The Grand Budapest Hotel


Kara Hayward, Lula Magazine by Martin SanMiguel

photo by Lula, Martin SanMiguel courtesy of Fashnberry


Gwyneth Paltrow


Photo by Cambridge Jones/ courtesy of Cabinet Secret

Photo by Cambridge Jones/ courtesy of Cabinet Secret


Cate Blanchett, Call Bird photoshoot 2011

photo by Cass Bird



photo by Bullet, courtesy of The Urban Diaries


Tilda-Swinton-photo shoot


Moody Monday : Modern Time Heroines

by kranARI


photo courtesy of Hypable

Tv series Once Upon a Time has not only resurrected our love for classic and modern childhood fairy-tales, it has single-handedly changed our perspective on what it means to be a hero and a villain. Episode by episode we revisit those dark and haunted stories like Little Red Riding Hood, Peter and the Wolf, Hansel and Gretel with a twist of modern reality and a spoonful of compassion for the series well cast villains, The Evil Queen and Rumplestiltskin. Our Heroes and Heroines share equal gender-powered roles in saving the day with Mulan leading the way of the modern tales and Snow White kicking some serious ass in the forrest while Belle from Beauty and the Beast gives new meaning to the concept of courageous book worm. And of course, true love is aways at the centre of all these tales so I’d personally like to introduce you to the heroines that make this show so freakin cool.


Lana Parilla by Troy Jensen

photo by Troy Jensen

Lana plays onion layered Evil Queen Regina who as the seasons unfold, starts to shed her nasty skin. We watch her slowly change from the inside out and  only to replace it with love for those around her. Unfortunately she must now pay the price of her evil-doings but those lovely compassionate eyes and layered portrayal of Regina only makes us love and root for her even more.


Ginnifer Goodwin, Once Upon a Time

With Goodwin’s Shakespeare background, the role of Snow White almost fits like a glove made in acting heaven. Ginnifer brings depth and compassion to the screen as well as a spunky-modern sense of style as her modern day equivalent, Mary-Margaret. Snow White proves to be a warrior at heart who is willing to fight for true love time and time again but who, in modern-day times, really just wants to settle down and enjoy her family. As awkward as it might seem for thirty-four year old looking Goodwin to have a 28 year-old daughter on the show (even though time froze for a whole 28 years), she manages to portray nurture very well and has a fierce sense of protection for her daughter Emma which makes the relationship believable.


Jennifer Morrison, sword, Once Upon a Time

photo courtesy of OnceUponaTimeABC

Emma Swan is a pretty good name for a fairytale character, don’t you think? You might recognise Jennifer Morrison from House MD but it’s the first time she has landed a starring role in a hit TV series which, really does make a difference. In her current role she is truly being given such a great opportunity to shine and show off her comedic, sarcastic and dramatic side while engaging in some pretty cool fighting scenes. As Emma, the long lost daughter of Snow White and Prince charming, she plays modern day saviour who has to come to terms with her own past, motherhood, and save the town from the curse the Evil Queen has inflicted upon its people.


emilie-de-ravin-mark-anderson once upon a time

photo by Mark Anderson

Belle is truly the hidden gem of the characters of this show. Plucked from the cast of Lost, she was given the role of Belle to Rumplestiltskin’s “beast”. The writers have gradually given her more and more depth propelling her from love-interest to adventurer and guide to Rumplestiltskin’s dark yet endearing character.


meghan ory, once upon a time

One has to give props to the writers and creators of the show for really taking a character like Ory’s Red and giving it new light. So let’s just say little Red Riding Hood is not so little anymore and might not exactly be who you believe her to be. Meghan’s character struggles with independence, self-discovery and brings not only her spunk but brilliant detective instincts to the town of Storybrooke.


nylon-guys-jamie-chung-once upon a time & sucker punch

photo property of Nylon

Turns out Sucker Punch is not the only film that churns out cool female characters. Mulan has yet to reveal with whom her true heart’s lies in Once Upon a Time, but as far as a warrior and a female, she certainly kicks ass. Chung’s performance aligns well with the rest of her female cast mates in that she shows that beauty, brains and brawn can all co-exist. I do hope the writers will soon give her the opportunity to explore her character romantically and thus give her performance another level to play with.

Moody Monday : Geek is Chic

by kranARI

Most people would agree that geeks are endearing. I’m not referring to “fake geeks”- you know, people who wear over sized specs for fashion but actually have brains filled with fluff. I’m talking about real geeks, people whose eyes glimmer when they talk about something they love and feel slightly guilty about loving it. Now whether that interest is called science, sewers, comics or cinema, I personally find it endearing to see someone I love GEEK OUT at any given moment. I read a great article last week on Freshly Pressed, called Top 10 Romantic movies for Geeks which inspired me to write about and present you with an amusing photo collection which just might make you geek out, Kristen Bell style.


Ksenia Solo, Lost Girl, Black Swan


zoie palmer, lost girl, the guard


courtesy of The Mind Reels

anna silk, Lost Girl, Nicorrette commercial, Being Erica


Of course, any of you who know the show, know that Lauren’s character (aka Zoie Palmer) is the epitome geeky. She plays scientist who is otherwise adorable, cool, collected and just plain hot. Now we can all Geek out to this wonderful Canadian sci-fi show in the US as well. I am so excited my favorite characters are back (aka: Kenzi and Lauren) so now the fandoms can finally find out what happens to Doccubus (Bo & Lauren ) or Bo & Dyson. Read a fun interview at the TV Watchtower to find out more about the show.


Angie Harmon, Rizzoli and Isles, Law and Order


courtesy of Angie Harmon’s Twitter page

Stana Katic on Castle


jennifer beals, chicagoo code, the l word


heather peace on Lip Service

HEATHER PEACE on Lip Service

 courtesy of HeatherPeaceFans

Gillian Anderson Esquire Magazine


property of Esquire Magazine, courtesy of Girl with a Pen

Cops can be pretty geeky in their own kind of way right? I mean they geek over cases for weeks, months, years, they know weird facts that normal people have never heard of and they’re kind of reclusive. There is definitely something very appealing about all of this but God forbid you fall for a cop cause I’ll bet you you’ll never get to see them…So there you have it, Angie Harmon from Rizzoli and Isles, Stana Katic from Castle, Heather Peace from Lip Service, Gillian Anderson from the epic The X Files and Jennifer Beals from The Chicago Code. Anyone I forgot? Feel free to add onto the list…

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