Wicked Wednesday : Call me a Bunhead though I hate to dance

by kranARI

ABC’s quirky and one of a kind show Bunheads made it back to our screens with a bang last night. And if you haven’t sat down before and giggled with the misadventures of former ballerina-come Vegas showgirl-come small town dance studio teacher the time has come! Marry the creative forces of genius Amy Sherman-Palladino (also creator of Gilmore Girls) with the beauty, talents and wit of Broadway star Sutton Foster, you come up with a unique show that is nothing like anything on our screens at the moment.

SUTTON-new york times

Sutton Foster courtesy of the NY times

I guess you could call Amy Sherman-Palladino television’s own Woody Allen; she applies a very  gifted and specific writing style and thus always manages to work with actors who can deliver the not-so-easily written dialogue successfully. In Gilmore Girls, Lauren Graham was Palladino’s Annie Hall and amazingly enough, and I say amazingly in the more respectful manner, Palladino managed to pluck Sutton Foster out of Broadway’s very style specific actors and made her a queen of our TV hearts. Kelly Bishop, a seasoned and well-loved cast member of both of Palladino’s successful shows is the pillar that often holds the glue together and sometimes provides the “villain” to the show’s leading lady.

Kelly Bishop

Kelly Bishop by Zina Saunders courtesy of The WSJ

I personally love Bunheads for so many reasons. One, Palladino has introduced me to and provided stellar television careers to two very strong and loveable leading ladies, like I mention above, Lauren Graham and Sutton Foster. Also, there aren’t two many shows on TV at the moment whose casts are mainly female so I give props to Palladino for creating a haven for girls and women of all ages to turn to and see themselves represented in. For the younger TV crowd, it’s really nice to see different types of young girls and their issues represented on the show. If you want to learn more on each young dancer have a look at Wet Paint’s Article on each girl and a backdrop on their characters.

On another note, the dialogue written and speed in which it is executed (just watch this clip from the show to see what I am referring to) is exceptional both in quality and in its uniqueness. How can one not admire a writer and creator who dares to be different in this competitive day and age where most would strive to churn up just another money-making show that melts your mind and senses.

So I urge you all to have a look, read up, give it a chance…and it might just settle into your hearts just as quickly and surely as it did settle into mine. Here is a taster.

A look into the show

A little something for the dance lovers

Sutton Foster’s character Michele