Thursday for Thought : Stana Katic, let’s analyse this obsession.

by kranARI


So what is it that ultimately draws us to discover more about an artist? Is it the character they portray, the music they produce or the facts the media sends our way?

The television series Castle might be well into its fourth season, but it was not until today that I caved and decided to check out what all the hoo-ha was behind actress Stana Katic. Though I might be tempted to blame the lovely Dorothy Snarker or the people I’ve been following on Tumblr, I kind of fell into the same trap everyone did the first time they saw her on Castle. I just NEEDED to know the who-what-when and why about this girl ASAP. I guess the media fuss finally got to me and either way, I’m glad it did.

Stana Katic

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Stana might be an unusual name for a girl with such a flawless Canadian accent but it doesn’t faze the actress much when people mispronounce it- She just might end up stabbing the talk show host

Stana Katic on Jimmy Kimmel

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But let’s just dive straight into why people are obsessing over her. For some reason I think her fans see past her large hazel dreamy eyes, her perfect jawline, her gorgeous auburn hair and certainly the fact that she could be Mischa Burton’s older sister – actually, I think the fascination has to do EXACTLY with all of the above plus the fact that she’s slightly exotic looking (for a Canadian at least), she’s multi-lingual and kind of badass for portraying a strong, humorous yet vulnerable cop on Castle every Monday night on ABC.

And after watching some interviews it seems to me that Stana doesn’t stray far from the character she’s currently portraying. I might be wrong but her sweet yet strong, funny and quirky qualities dominate her appearances,¬† so check her out on the lovely Craig Fergusson whom I adore.

Either way, both guys and girls are loving her and I definitely urge you to check her out as well as co-star Nathan Fillion on Castle if not now, very soon. Their original cop-writer team up is a refreshing television relationship that will warm your hearts and their tense chemistry will explode all over your screens. Cause it’s all about the chemistry nowadays, ain’t it?

stana katic portrait