Tuesday Tunes : Losing musical geniuses to the US of A.

by kranARI

It frustrates me that we are losing great artists like Adele and Florence Welch to the US of freaking-A. This being said, I am half American. However, living in the UK, I feel that when a country produces an artist as brilliant and as talented as the two ladies above, they should be capable of keeping them, don’t you think?

florence welch Vogue by Norman Jean Roy, September 2012

Ā Vogue by Norman Jean Roy

For one, Florence Welch might be signed to Island Records (based here in the UK) but lately, it feels as if she’s been touring the US forever! She hasn’t done a UK gig in a while and my fear is that now that she’s charmed the pants off US audiences, she might never return…

On the same level,Ā  Adele seems to have a similar effect on American audiences. The genre of her music and vocal stylings have made her a major hit in the US and it is the “appropriate” thing to do – when you decide to conquer America, usually you can conquer the rest of the world.

Adele Adkinscourtesy of Katie McCaffrey

Are we going to ever get these artists back or will the lure of the musical Happy-Meal contract glue them to the continent over the pond. These are sad, sad times…