Wicked Wednesday : Deceiving Trailers

by kranARI

Don’t you just hate it when you watch a trailer and go “Oh My God! I really want to see this film” -At that exact moment, an image forms in your head about how the movie is going to affect you and something ‘clicks’ and your brain goes “must. watch. this. film.” – And then BOOM. Complete disappointment. The end product is completely different than what you expected.

Well, this is a post about trailers that are exactly NOT like that. I want to write about movies that surprised me, caught me off guard, sent me into a spiral of sadness or uncontrollable laughter without me expecting it. I also want to hear which trailers did that to you.

On that same note, I should probably introduce you to two hilarious, talented guys that I’m going to be writing for soon. Their names are Mike and Cass and they run this site called Movie Vortex. The reason I bring them up is because they do these hilarious Trailer reviews on iTunes. Check these out on their site. I will never have to go a day without fully analyzing a trailer so that I know what to expect.

Daydream Nation

Daydream_Nation_postercourtesy of FilmFodder

Surprising and deceiving trailer number one will have to be upcoming film Daydream Nation. I mean seriously, what is this a comedy or a drama? I simply have no idea whether to prepare myself for laughs or depression? And though I seriously love Kat Dennings, this trailer turns nasty after the 1.27 mark. In other words, what you think you’re going to watch turns into a completely different film. To tell you the truth when trailers do that it kind of scares me…

Norwegian Wood

norwegian-wood_postercourtesy of Twitchfilm

As if my work colleague’s warning “This book that I’m reading Norwegian Wood is amazing, but I don’t think you should read it, it’s pretty depressing” wasn’t good enough, I went ahead and based my viewing expectations on the film’s trailer. My knack for easily forgetting titles might be the cause of this mishap, you might say, it was the trailer ultimately that mislead me. Here I am, watching what I thought might be a film about love in 70s Japan when I am bombarded in the actual with with the concept of loss, death and suicide? Where exactly in the trailer might I ask were these concepts represented?