Thursday for Thought : Shannon kissed a girl. And she liked it. (The rise of a comedy starlet)

by kranARI

Writing this week for me has somehow felt like pulling teeth. I have spent countless hours on ONTD, twitter and even resorted to blasting dance/inspiring tunes (aka, Sky Ferreira, Adele, Florence and the Machine) on my ipod for energetic inspiration but N.O.T.H.I.N.G has worked. I always pride myself with being a writer who never has to suffer with annoying writers-block, so it confuses me when I go a whole week without inspiration and sink deeper into a writing depression. Thank Goodness for television that always seems to come to the rescue.

raising-hope-fox-tvshowproperty of FOX, courtesy of

My obsession with relatively new television hit Raising Hope has suddenly raised an interest in a rising starlet, Shannon Woodward. Every single night for the past week without fail we have cuddled down in my sofa (with significant other) and laughed our heads off over this refreshing trailer trash comedy about a boy who becomes a dad when his one night stand turns into a serial killer and is fried on the electric chair.  Jimmy’s family disjunctions become a source of humor and stress as he tries to grow up and fall in love (enter Shannon Woodward’s character) and raise his daughter safely while following relatively correct values.

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Though Martha Plimpton often steals the show with her wonderfully distorted facial expressions, it is Shannon Woodward’s quirky-cool character Sabrina that we fall in love with. Perhaps it’s her under exposed face and her cool, hipster-type acting that makes us wonder why we haven’t seen her on our screens before.

Shannon Woodward, Raining Hopeproperty of FOX

Well here’s where you’re wrong. Seems as though kissing Katy Perry, being Rob Pattinson BFF and Andrew Garfield’s GF will have certain perks. I discovered a little secret while doing my digging. Shannon had a music video cameo back in the day. If you notice closely, she appears as one of the bridesmaids in Katy’s HOT n COLD. Coolness!

Apart from social exposure, this girl does not rely on social connections to get her where she is. If we have a quick look at Woodward’s professional background, there are two supporting roles immediately that stand out in her resume. Apart from the recent Raising Hope, she also starred alongside Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver in The Riches as DiDi Malloy. This was probably the role that gave her initial exposure though it’s my feeling that her current portrayal of Sabrina will probably give her more recognition and secure some future work for her. Both roles effectively highlight her deadpan ability to deliver a line and be as cute as a button all at once.

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It definitely makes me really excited that they’re developing her character gradually more and more in Raising Hope. Here are a couple of clips of her playing Sabrina , Jimmy’s love interest and friend and talking about her part in the television hit. Enjoy and I hope you soon get hooked on the show!

Talking about her role as Sabrina in Raising Hope

Clips from Raising Hope