Thursday for Thought : Television versus FUFFA. Round one.

by kranARI

This week, my Italian friends at work have let me in on a little secret. This secret involves a new addition to my vast dictionary of swear words and it is no other than the word FUFFA. FUFFA, in Italian slang plainly means bullshit. I am sure you are familiar with the world of bullshit. Without wanting to offend anyone, I am sure most of you, if not all of you that have had a FUFFA day, a FUFFA week, month or even year!

So if FUFFA has indeed taken over your life like it has mine in the last couple of months, I have a couple of suggestions; and of course these suggestions involve watching something life changing, relaxing and truly entertaining.

So, if you are having a day full of FUFFA because your significant other is not living up to your expectations, or your child is driving you up the wall, or your neighbor is giving the performance of his lifetime on Guitar Hero while you’re trying to stock up on sleep for your presentation tomorrow, DO NOT FRET.

These are my top television programs that help me cope when the FUFFA-o-meter is SKY high. I hope they can do the same for you and put a smile on your face when you most need it.



I give this show HIGH POINTS in the entertainment area as it makes me smile EVERY TIME. Maybe it’s the Sarah Shahi’s presence, maybe it’s just the beautiful blend of adorable characters. Leo (Kate’s innovating and adorable assistant) and Lauren, Kates (Kate’s evil-yet-not-so-evil stepmother) form a heartwarming duo that are hard to resist. On top of that Kate herself, who is a mediator (someone who does not believe in the legal system) lights up the screen with her on-and-off romance with the sexy Justin (Michael Trucco) and her over-involved legal antics.


If you’re after a show that is based on intelligent facts and consistent story lines, this one is not for you. My suggestion is: just lay back and enjoy the corny moments, the actor eye candy and let your body unwind.



One word, well actually two: SUE SYLVESTER. If you don’t know which character I’m talking about then watch this show because it is the EPITOME of a feel-good sitcom. The story lines are powerful as well as the characters but more importantly the singing is what truly pulls you in. Even to the most experienced eye, the complex musical and dance numbers are a satisfying thing to watch but you don’t have to have a musical theater background to appreciate this show. I’ve personally seen friends of mine turn to the show time and time again, in order to feel better, uplifted and positive. The reason behind this is that Glee truly highlights how great it is to be different and unique and if I dare say so myself, makes you feel lie joining in on he elaborate sing and dance routines.


This is probably not the show you’re proud of talking around the office with your colleagues, unless they are music geeks like you. Your cool-o-meter might flutter if you come clean with being a Glee fan, because let’s face it, admitting you like Glee is kind of like saying you listen to Britney Spears in your spare time.



I cannot emphasize how much I LOVE this show! Will, Grace, Karen and Jack are the ultimate cast ensemble and though it is indeed an old show, the creator Max Mutchnick has left the world of comedy a legacy. Explore the screwed up relationships between a young gay man and his best female friend and be entertained to the MAX by comic duo gay Jack and alcoholic Karen. There is not much more I can say, except, WATCH THIS SHOW!


You might spend your entire Christmas Holiday, like I once did, huddled under your duvet laughing your head off day and night with the entire box set of WILL&GRACE and a pack of crisps. Also, you might get highly annoyed by Karen’s high pitched voice but don’t worry, it will soon grow on you like an over sized sweater.








You will laugh. There is no doubt about it. How does a show manage to make something out of nothing? I have no idea. But this something is always hilarious. A little bit of stand up to get you warmed up at the start of each episode and a heart-warming, dysfunctional cast (Jerry, Cramer, Elaine and George) will keep you on your toes with their perfect comic timing. The writing is FABUOUS with a capital F. WATCH it! NOW!


You might soon start talking in an “over dramatic” manner like the characters do and people in the train/tube might start staring at you.