Wicked Wednesday : Fairly Legal, reach a little HIGHER!

by kranARI

Every year, an X number of new TV shows try and win over the networks they are pitching to and then have the challenge of winning over the viewers hearts and keeping it that way for several seasons to come. Successful TV shows only come along once in a while and you can count them on your ten fingers each year. So when I see a show come along an try to make it big and then fail to do so, my heart just breaks a little.

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Last year, there was Better Off Ted that was a success in its concept and character creation but that failed to reach viewers across the country and keep those rating high enough for renewal. So after a good two season run, the network decided to can it. Maybe there just wasn’t an audience and a market ready for something as different as a show that uses sarcasm and self-deprecating humor to make fun of its government and financial system. For certain viewers though, it was a refreshing break from the commercial American mainstream Legal and Medical dramas that dominate our screens on a daily basis.

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On a similar note, this year, we have Fairly Legal, that is a show that diverts its attention away from the Legal system, as its name itself might suggest. Its themes might be directly inspired by cases in the legal system however, the character’s main focus is surprisingly geared far away from courtrooms and judges quarters. Refreshingly, the show steers its action to the streets of San Francisco where it follows the lives of a mediator Kate, her trusty assistant Leo, her ex-husband Justin, her father’s widow Lauren and Kate’s brother Spencer. These characters get entangled in each others lives, in a most interesting way, while Kate tries to mediate the city’s legal conflicts.

Fairly Legal, on the seton the set of Fairly Legal

The great thing about this show is that the plot lines are fresh and interesting but there is a lack of continuity in the writing. Sarah Shahi has been given a great leap of faith here and manages to carry the show brilliantly with her beauty, wit and sense of “I can save the world – just you wait and see”. Though there is great character and acting chemistry and a great combination of love interests, family screwed up relationships and humor, there is a certain WOW factor missing.

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My hope, is that the writers will be able to glue together the plot SOON and give the storyline a fast PUMP of drama and layering that is so desperately needs otherwise this innovate show is going to end up in the dumpster like so many others of its kind. And that, would be a real shame.

As viewers, we need more character’s like Shahi’s filling our screens that are positive, strong and inspiring to young women. We need to be able to see that women can be just as influential, powerful and charismatic while getting their jobs done.

So best of luck, Fairly Legal, I hope you can get it together in time for sweeps! Watch here for some show promos.

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