Thursday for Thought : MUST-READ film magazine

by kranARI

Ever since I was a kid, I was fascinated with magazines, magazine covers and great feature stories on actors and musicians. I would make my father buy me a monthly copy of Premiere magazine, which, in Greece cost something exorbitant like, £10 at the time, and during these time he would wonder why I wasn’t interested in gossip mags or teen vogue instead. I would cover my room walls with exquisite magazine covers of my favorite artists and my fellow classmates would squint at my taste and wonder what ever happened to posters of Brad Pitt and Take That or Madonna.

These days I’m not shy to let anyone into my room anymore, first and foremost, because it’s not covered in magazine covers, but mostly because I am now proud of the magazines I read. So I thought I’d share with you a list of my current favorite ones that cover mostly fashion, film and music.


Little-White-Lies-The-Black-Swan-issue 33, Dec 2010

WHY I CHOSE THIS : For their super cool hand-drawn graphics and insider’s film information. Just look at their covers and you’ll see what I mean. The inside looks like someone’s personal journal / notebook and the layout is just amazing! It covers, reviews, in depth interviews with film makers and features the film of the month on its cover with past issues including The Black Swan Issue and An Education Issue. You can visit their official website to do some snooping around. Also view the following video to see how Little White Lies was created. It’s inspiring!