Moody Monday : New Blood

by kranARI

No I’m not talking about True Blood, though I wish I was. I am having serious “Southern accents-Blood sucking withdrawal” but I have to unfortunately wait till the summer for that fix. Meanwhile I’m going to write about some new blood on the street of film. Some are nominees, some have been around for a while but are getting their break now and of course some are completely fresh faces on the scene. Here is a taster of who is to decorate our screens in the future cause these girls have talent and the looks to make a lasting impression.


Elizabeth Olsen_V Magazine

Yes she might be the dreaded twins (with amazing fashion sense) younger sister but according to many, Lizzie is the one with the acting chops in this family. Being a Tish graduate might not be her only weapon. It seems as though she has done a good amount of theater work and is now starring in an indie film Martha Marcy May Marlene, due for release in 2012. I have a good feeling about this one.


Mia Wasikowska_photo shoot

Not so much of an unknown, this little bird has been circling our screens since 2004. However, it was not until 2010 that she took the film world by storm with her performances in Alice in Wonderland and The Kids are Alright. Personally, I’m excited to see her the upcoming film Restless in which she plays a terminally ill girl who falls in love with a boy who likes to attend funerals. It’s due for release in 2011 in the US and the UK.


Mila Kunis_Nylon photo shoot

Kunis got a lot of press and attention this year for her role as the “Black” swan in this year’s indie hit Black Swan. Her portrayal was a perfect embodiment of the dark side Natalie Portman’s character couldn’t quite get a grip on. And you can see why. Those dark eye circles and seductive gaze are not something to be taken lightly. You’d be surprised to know, if you don’t already that she is the voice of Meg Griffin on Family Guy!


Elle Fanning

Apparently young Elle is not only the muse of film director Sofia Coppola (she starred in this year’s acclaimed Somewhere) but is also becoming quite a sought after model. It is not only her figure but also her innocence and grace that attracts the photographic and cinematic lense. Recently she starred in Rodarte’s short film and has also appeared in some fantastic photo shoots for Interview and Jalouse Magazine.


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