Moody Monday : Oscar Edition

by kranARI

Have you been having having a weird / disjointed last couple of weeks? Well, maybe it’s just me. Between loosing touch with my favorite TV shows that keep me going due to the Superbowl and the odd weather conditions hitting various cities around the world, I’d have to say today is the first day I feel whole again! Sort of. I’ve been equipped with a healthy dose of vitamin D, as the sun has been shining madly in London all day long and on top of that a cheerful dose of fantasy. Glee returned with a bang last night and to be fair that Katy Perry Cheerios number was all it took to make me smile and sing along. How simple and strange we humans are.

So here we go, as promised, your daily dose of eye candy, delivered a bit late but well worth the wait. These are some of my favorite female nominees for the best female and best supporting female categories.


Natalie Portman_Allure photo shootproperty of Allure Magazine


Annette Bening_NY Times Magazineproperty of NY Times Magazine


Amy Adams_In Style Magazineproperty of InStyle Magazine


Mila Kunis-Venice Magazineproperty of Venice Magazine


Michelle Williams_Angeleno Magazineproperty of Angeleno Magazine


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