Tuesday Tunes : What the hell is going on with Avril’s new video AND Taylor takes us Back to Decemeber.

by kranARI

What the Hell (indeed)

Avril_Lavigne_Nylon_Magazine_Photoshootproperty of Nylon Magazine

Seemingly making a come-back, Avril Lavigne releases her new video “What the Hell”, which to my surprise, has been topping the US charts. In this specific video we one of two things happening. We see Avril in her underwear for the first time (I really didn’t need to see that especially because she continues to look and act like a teenager). Second we have some heavy duty self promotion and product placement going on.

specimen A : Avril Lavigne Perfume (Black Star)

specimen B : Avril Lavigne Clothing Line (Abbey Dawn)

Back to December

property of Vanity Fair, photo by Frederike Helwig

On a much more personal and revealing level, Taylor Swift releases her music video for “Back to December“. What fascinates me is her courage to write lyrics from a deeper and darker place. It’s difficult to see someone as young as her grow up so publicly under the media’s scrutiny but simultaneously it’s great to see how she uses her music to express change. I think it’s her story-telling visual style draws people in and makes her so relate-able. That and her you-tube videos. Videos filled with cuteness.

Taylor Swift_Vanity Fair_photo by Frederike Helwig


Fine Athletic Skills and More



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