Feature Friday : The relevant world of Sofia Coppola.

by kranARI

Sofia-Coppola photo shoot


Some could say that the more films you make, the more experience you acquire, the better a director you become.Seems to me like this rule does not apply to Sofia Coppola. Despite having been raised surrounded by art and cinema (both parents seem to have offered her a rich artistic environment to grow up in), Coppola has always been a woman born to direct. A very attractive quality, to be able to know exactly what you want in a film and how you want it to look. I find it amusing that when finishing her formal education she found herself in crisis over what to do for a living. She decided to try different avenues of expression, one after the other failed to fulfill her.


Sofia Coppola and Francis Ford Coppolaproperty of Annie Leibovitz

Coppola intrigues me as a person. Her movies on the one hand, always captivate audiences for their rich visual component and their unique style. She is without a doubt one of the very few artists of her generation that uses words so slightly yet manipulates sets, lights and camera and brings out their full potential. As a person however she seems demure, understated and shy. I was reading an article this past week -as I mentioned in Thursday for Thought– on her in BUST magazine and it captured my attention without letting on too much. It doesn’t surprise me that like her films, her private life remains private, while her creative process is an open book for her readers to discover freely.

Sofia Coppola on the set of Somewhereproperty of W magazine

So under the simple, subdued exterior, lies a person and an artist that is decisive, creative and potent. She also seems to fill a gap in today’s market for stylized films that utilize the visual component in order to transmit their unique message. I always look forward to her next film and will always watch in hope of learning new things about how she views the world. Because I’ve come to discover that the world according to Sofia Coppola is a multi-layered and thought provoking.

For Sofia’s latest work, check out the trailer for her new film Somewhere currently playing in cinemas.

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