Wicked Wednesday : Exciting Films and Series-trailers

by kranARI


Skins - series 5 cast

photo courtesy of Dan’s Media Digest

I am loving the Skins trailer, how it’s made, who it’s featuring (a whole bunch of interesting faces) and cannot wait for the new season though the old cast will definitely be missed. I haven’t given the US series of Skins a shot yet but that will happen if I see some hype on it in the press. Enjoy!


Adjustment Bureau - Matt Damon Emily Blunt

Being a bit of a sucker for the cross-overs between love and the concept of fate, I undoubtedly want to check out this film with two beautiful and gifted actors, Blunt and Damon. The sense of urgency draws you in and the music accomplishes just that in this trailer.


Hanna - Saroise Ronan

This film looks frightening but so many things could go wrong with it. Just on instinct, since the cast is amazing, I would go see it to watch Cate Blanchett and Saroise Ronan in action. Such fabulous actresses of a different generation.

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