Feature Friday : Sky Ferreira

by kranARI

Sky Ferreira

Photo courtesy of Scad Radio

Sky Ferreira Photo shoot

Photo courtesy of World of Wumme

Upon listening to 17 for the first time I had to wonder whether the girl Sky is singing about is a projected image of herself. Scary! Then I managed to catch some interviews with her and was blown away by her innate sense of style and raw beauty – meaning mainly her hair. The speech coming out of her mouth however, uh, slightly dumbed down her image.


The above made me ask the question is this girl perpetually stoned or is that “just the way she speaks”. Hmmm.

Sky Ferreira Glasses

Photo courtesy of ONTD

An immediate success with her American Apparel dress sense and her Lolita-esque eyes, Sky Ferreira fits right in with the indie-dance LA scene. She recently moved to NY city and is currently working on promoting her album in Europe. It doesn’t come as a surprise however that she’s become extremely popular over the pond and her party ways will fit straight in with the pop underground dance scene. The image of youtube indie wonder turned moody lusted-over-barely-legal singer suits her well.

Sky Ferreira shootPhoto courtesy of Guest Muuse

Sky Ferreira B&W

Photo courtesy of the CS Perspective

You know that when Swedish producers want to work with a singer there’s something brewing in the coffee pot. And believe me, there is a lot more to come from this trash-glam teen who shocks with explicit images in her first video 17 and moves us with her deep and breathy recent single Animal“.

Sky-Ferreiraphoto courtesy of the CS Perspective

The question in my mind at the moment is was she just plucked out of the sea of artists and manufactured for her beauty and style into something they thought they could sell or is this girl for real? See what you think, I’ve posted the videos for 17 and One. (on a sidebar note it’s interesting to bear in mind that when the concept for One was decided, she and director Rankin decided to present her as “squeaky clean” girl which would be a good antithesis to Ferreira’s actual image). Be on the lookout for Sky’s new music video for Obsession.



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