Tuesday Tunes : Lady Gadonna?

by kranARI

Madonna must be rolling in her grave (so to speak, knock on wood) with the release of Lady Gagita’s new single / music video for Alejandro. It is beyond clear to me now that miss Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is set out to achieve so called “Queen on Pop status” during her lifetime.


Lady Gaga Elle Magazine

photo courtesy of ELLE Magazine

Madonna Erotica Era

photo courtesy of sweetsacrilege.blogspot.com

Not only are the looks growing more similar between the two ladies (watch video for haircuts and lighting tricks drawing you straight back to the era of “Vogue“) but during the interview below you might notice similarities in expression, style and mannerism. Slightly scary.

After watching her interview on Larry King live, if you kindly ignore the sound delay, I came to the same conclusion I came to years ago about Madonna. The woman has a very tactical approach to her career as she is extremely intelligent and dramatic, she controls every aspect of her performance and gets involved in many different realms of the creative process. I was surprised to read that her Q magazine cover shoot had been a disaster in that she tried to control the entire creative process to no avail, which unfortunately ended up in a pretty bad cover choice. (Her argument was that the photos were not shocking enough, provocative enough and would not cause the stir in people she wished to create. Fair enough.

Lady Gaga behind the scenes

I myself have seen better photo shoots of her where the photographer has clearly worked in an innovative way to create something unprecedented) So,  I am not saying that controlling your image is always a bad thing. Madonna for one, has always been famous for it.


Lady Gaga_Hello Kitty

for more cone bra stills, see the Alejandro video

Madonna Jean Paul Gaultier design

photo by the telegraph.co.uk

Gaga, who in her own right has created the “Haus of Gaga” -the team of artists who collaborate on her career. This is a great thing; a fantastic opportunity for people to express themselves independently, without the control of a label. She has literally taken leaps and brought creativity to a new level. Perhaps this is one of the reasons she gets compared to such an iconic artist like Madonna.

See part three of her interview with Larry King where she talks about Michael Jackson. Observe her accent – she has amazingly acquired what is known as the cross-continental accent (basically, the Madonna accent-watch a BBC interview with Madonna to observe).


Also below, I’ve included the full Alejandro video so that you can have a peak at the 8:44 minutes of magic she has created with her sex-simulating scenes, her homo-erotic dances and the themes that revolve mainly around the modern day military situation.



Lady Gaga Alejandro video still

Alejandro still – photo courtesy of the metro.co.uk

Madonna Vogie video still

Vogue photo still

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