Wicked Wednesday : Cuteness Reigns. Top 3 music videos.

by kranARI


Diana Vickersphoto shoot by newsoftheworld.co.uk

Diana Vickers never ceases to amaze me. Once again, as if it wasn’t enough that I was embarrassed to go to her gig, I kept my eyes half open as watched her second music video release for “The boy who murdered love” and lo and behold, she has proven me wrong! I love, love, love it. All you could hear coming out of my mouth as the video progressed was “Wow. Wow, this is actually really good. Well done!” Cute animation touches by the artistic director make Diana’s individual style really shine through. I’m so excited for you to see. For more Diana updates don’t forget to visit her official website and twitter.


Pixie Lottphoto by last.fm

As you must know by now I am a closeted pop fan. So maybe my love for corny pop is one of the reasons for putting this video on the list, or maybe it’s just the fact that I think Pixie Lott‘s smile is so damn cute. Is it even normal for a person to smile so damn much in her music videos? The song has an urban pop feel, with a dash of the trademark Pixie dance routine in it and it sort of brings back memories of girl band tunes like Girls Aloud or even worse (or better) Atomic Kitten. Have a look.


Sia Furlerphoto courtesy of last.fm

I don’t know if this video is cute but it is most definitely weird (made in typical Sia Furler style). It did make me smile though. I love an artist who can embrace their weirdness and capitalise on it. There is no doubt about it, the girl is unique and vocally gifted, I have loved her voice ever since I heard her song “Breathe me” in 2007. I do hope she finds a way to carry on making music, as she’s recently claimed her anxiety disorder is forcing her to take a break after her tour ends this year. How sad! Who is going to release the quirkiest crafty videos of all time when she’s gone?

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