Tuesday Tunes : Catch up on music videos

by kranARI


alexandra burke

Alexandra Burke has released her new single “All Night Long“. This tune is really catchy and her breathy vocals are surely going to be an instant hit in clubs. I also love the fact that she’s opted for a more indie feel for the filming of this video. The smokey image adds to the great energy that the song and video aim to create.



Ellie Goulding releases a rather odd video of “Guns and Horses”. The song of course is beautiful and energetic with a great beat but somehow the visual has let me down. Maybe not creative enough or perhaps I just don’t get it?


katharine mcphee american idol

Idol’s own Kara Dioguardi wrote this song for McPhee and if you’ve been following Idol this season, they you would have seen Didi Benami (sweet little blonde chick) sing it. The chorus sounds a bit like Colbie Caillait’s “Bubbly” but i have to say Katherine’s vocals are pretty impressive.


kat dennings

Main reason for posting this video, would be its unique style. I love simply filmed music videos like this one that is made in film rather than HD and doesn’t rely on gimmicks to prove its quality. Also, I’m a big Kat Dennings fan, so shout out to her for taking part in a different type of project. Bob Schneider and Robert Rodriguez team up to film “40 Dogs“.


pixie lottA little interpretive dance never hurt anyone, and certainly hasn’t done harm to Pixie Lott. “Gravity” is such a simple and  conceptual video which relies a lot on dance – something which I love and respect artists for having mastered. Still shots, slow motion, black vs white and blank backgrounds are all a plus to this music vid. If you haven’t caught this long released music video, check it out.


allison goldfrapp

70s magic is what Allison Goldfrapp gives us in this truck-driving music video. The saturated colours and a dream-like world in which the song unfolds, accompany this weird/catchy song quite nicely. I can’t decide whether I like it or not…on a random note-did you know Allison has a girlfriend?

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