Moody Monday : Surprise, “I’m GAY!”

by kranARI

No, not me. I’m talking about People magazine featuring a cover of an alleged “country singer” coming out this week. Well, the idea is to do a piece on artists that might be gay and might not know about it yet (insert humour where appropriate). I searched long and hard to find the most “Gay-looking” photos I could get my hands on. The rest is pure speculation…



After being cast as the lead female character “Joan Jett” in the Runaways, it didn’t take much for the tabloids to start dissing on poor Kristen Stewart and her sexuality. I personally think her hair is super HOT short – and even though she’s got the whole tomboy energy mastered, have you seen her Interview Magazine photo shoot?

ellen page


Must I mention the Marie-Claire photo shoot she did with Drew Barrymore  she did in 2009 with the to of them kissing and mounting each other? I rest my case.



This is purely wishful thinking seeing that the girl is married to a dude, but hey that haircut doesn’t leave much to the imagination as well as the fact that she’s played the big L four times in roles portrayed. (Imagine me & You, The Brothers Grimm, Mrs Dalloway and Devil’s Band). Good on you Lena, for embracing the “other side”.



I don’t know what your experience is of women directors but mine is purely this : women that feel they have to dress like men and be tough but sexy and take charge – which ROCKS my world. KB is without a doubt one of those. Going around being photographed in her tough-looking leather jackets and my God, if you haven’t yet seen her in Steven Spielberg’s music video for Martini Ranch’s “Reach” please do. Her Dirty Harry Impression is DEAD ON.

Michelle Rodriguez


There’s been a lot of speculation in the tabloids about this lovely lady, and my feeling is that, if she is gay she knows it, she just doesn’t say so and good on her. I’m gonna go with the theory that she will not be the one coming out on this week’s issue. She’ll probably want to hone in all that masculine energy and use it in several future combat/kick-ass roles to come.



Am I the only one here thinking this icon of an artist has always been somewhat closeted? Be it her wardrobe, haircut or deep set voice, me thinks either way, there is definitely something that makes me wonder.



Hell yeah! I bet a lot of you are thinking, “I wish”! I doubt it will ever happen because even though she cuts off trees and burns the house down in her videos, this girl is head over heels for her cute hubby Carey Hart.

Rumer Willis


Um, yeah. So when is this going to happen? She’s actually a sweetie to tell the truth and has been trying really hard lately to fall out of her natural boyish looks. I applaud her. Who wants to fall into a stereotype based on hair and body image?

Tina Fey


This is the scene. Tina Fey and her husband are out on a night on the town and as they sit down to dinner she pulls out her lipstick and starts to apply.

HUSBAND : T, I think we need to face facts.

TINA : What do you mean honey?

HUSBAND : This is the thing – I think you’re GAY.

(lipstick falls to the side of the mouth)

TINA: What makes you say that?

HUSBAND: Well, I mean just look at you. You’re super smart, write and produce your own show, women love you and…well, you wear Converse shoes all the time. I mean, just look at the length of you nails!

TINA: (looks down in shame)

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