Thursday for Thought : Reviewing Angus and Julia Stone

by kranARI


angus and julia stone

Being high concert season as it is, here in London town, I’ve decided to slash my usual Thursday for thought post and write you guys a review on the gig I saw the other night at Shepherd’s Bush Empire.

Though I had no previous personal experience of Angus and Julia’s music, I went to this gig on recommendation as I usually do (trusting your friend’s musical taste has its perks). All in all I had no idea what to expect – my mind and ears for that matter were a completely clean slate. A factor which can be a good or bad thing (especially in the case of Angus’s scruffy looking face).

angus julia stone

Let me explain. I had never before seen photos or videos of Angus, so naturally when I saw him come onto the stage looking unshaven like a homeless person I immediately though, what the hell. And then he sang. It is not often that two sibling as in fact so beautiful. Julia looks like a mix of Olivia Wilde, Jennifer Morrison and Rachel Weisz while Angus, I’m not sure, but surely he wouldn’t have trouble doing a modelling stint or two.

It wasn’t one artist I discovered that night but two. Had I not know they were siblings, I would have thought them lovers (based on Julia’s flirtatious behaviour which could have mistakenly been directed at the audience but was instead wasted on her younger brother). Each of them with their own unique style and voice had indeed something special to offer.

angus and julia stone

Julia, with her quirky dancing and unique vocal stylings was ethereal and brought a pleasant air to the gig as she shyly chatted away to the audience while her brother mostly mumbled. Not to say that Angus isn’t just as gifted. On the contrary, he might even be more gifted than his sister – I have been told that people have trouble deciding who they like more. And the reason we feel like we need to decide is because they are so VERY different.

They complement each other, by backing each other up vocally or accompanying the other instrumentally. Angus fluctuates between the electric and acoustic guitar and Julia picks the piano as her weapon of choice. And they are good – really good at what they do. Musically AND vocally.

The general feel that I was left with at the end of the concert was a dream-like state. I had cravings for riding my bike through Hyde park and lying down in the glass to enjoy this dreamy attitude and stare at the clouds. It was truly a wonderful feeling!

So if you do have a chance to see them stop by your city, pay them a visit. You’ll be amused, entertained and relaxed by the time you leave the venue and I guarantee you’ll want to buy their new album which is out of this world and catch up on their older releases. Their Albums include “A Book like This” (2007) and “Down the way” (2010) . I myself am just getting to know them. Here are some video samples that follow.

Mango Tree

And the Boys

Big Jet Plane


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