Feature Friday : Regina Spektor

by kranARI

regina spektor piano

There are a variety of Regina Spektor songs I’d love to choose to introduce her: US, Better, Hotel Song, Fidelity…just to name a few.

Her music is historical, if that’s even a word to use to describe someone’s writing. What I love about her is that she delves into her own history, be that personal history or actual historical facts. Her songs contain references to mythology and her Russian roots and you can definitely identify her more recent NY influences in her strong endearing Bronx accent.

regina spektor

Her songs flow with ease as her lyrics and singing make their way with undoubted improvisation. She is said to have a repertoire of hundreds of songs but in classic indie style she forgets or refuses to write them down. This makes me wonder how she ends up in the recording studio and who is behind capturing her vast talent while giving her the creative freedom at the same time since so many recording companies are nowadays so constricting and controlling.

Regina Spektor

I have a feeling there will be much more to come from this multi faceted artist. For me the journey has just begun as I’ve set out to discover her through writing this initial piece.

The first video I chose is a fan-made video but gives you a great idea of her quirky style and awesome piano skills. The second is a perfect representation of why she has become successful.

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