Feature Friday : A Feisty one

by kranARI

Leslie Feist

leslie feist

A canadian born musician who is more than familiar with the indie music scene for over a decade, Feist has the looks of a young and healthy Karen Carpenter.

I became mesmerized by her colorful music videos and of course her gorgeous breathy voice when a  colleague of mine insisted on playing her album “The Entertainist” every night after closing shop. I quickly became a proud owner of “The Reminder” and courtesy of youtube,  became entranced by her creative music videos.


Today I want to introduce you to some of her most well known music videos as well as some funny facts (according to http://www.arts-crafts.ca/feist ) :

1. “She’s been placed in the role of the most unlikely fashion icon, but mostly she’s a tomboy who doesn’t really do make-up.”

2. “She’s stubborn and meticulous about things like the EQ level on the stereo and her long honed guitar tone.”

3. “Onstage she can pivot between being the solo singer captivating a room with her guitar or take on the role of leading a band ofthree brothers.”

4. Because her father is American, Feist has dual Canadian-American citizenship, though she joked in a televised interview onThe Colbert Report that she was given American citizenship as part of a deal with Apple. (her song 1,2,3,4 was used in an apple commercial for the new ipod nano)


myspace: http://www.myspace.com/feist

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