Thursday for Thought : The World according to Narnia

by kranARI

The “real” world knows her as Nerina Pallot.

As this brilliant singer songwriter’s tour is coming to a start mid April, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a part of her you’d only know if you’ve been to her gigs or have watched her live streaming : I don’t want to go out sessions and the “I digress sessions” on youtube or oh her official website.

Nerina Pallot set

(for more information on both read next week’s Feature article on Friday).

So to truly get to know Nerina, one needs to know her banter. Her digressions colour a big part of her music and rightfully so – the girl is HILARIOUS **

Here are some quotes from interviews, tweets and snippets of lyrics that I believe are poignant and representative of her artistry and personality.

nerina pallot at london scala

A gig in a pub in south London. I fell off the stage, accidentally showed the audience my knickers, landed on my guitar and broke it.” – on her worst gig ever

She’s kick a*** and terrifying but refreshing. It’s inspiring to see a woman in her position in the industry and I started to produce other people’s records after working with her. She wants to find an honest part of you as a songwriter but unfortunately I was going through quite a shallow period of just wanting to have fun and drink beer.” – on working with Linda Perry

I have the best job in the world. I get to play piano all day and listen to my favourite records, the ones that make me cry in a good way.” – Tweet

In my last life all the girls would go to heaven. But I’ve a strangeness, a queer propensity for twisting the knife too easily. When I think I’m getting better, I’m just getting worse. When I think I’ve got it made, I am impossibly cursed. When did I become such a bitch? How did I let this happen I don’t know. When did I become such a bitch? I used to be so nice. ” – lyrics from her song “When did I become such a a bitch”.

I think it’s wonderful to see someone like her, who is almost 60 and isn’t your cookie cutter physique – I hate to be blunt about it – being praised for her voice. It’s important that people feel that something not fake is allowed to exist.” – on people’s love of Susan Boyle.

What made me laugh about the Mercury Music Awards was there were 12 nominations and 5 of them were women and the press were saying ‘Look, the women are dominating’ and I felt like writing to someone and pointing out that women are actually 51 per cent of the population and a true reflection would be 7 nominations. We’re still under-represented.” – on an interviewer’s suggestion that the music world is suddenly over represented by women.

The more I studied literature the more I realised what a poor lyricist I was and I became embarrassed about my lyrics, which had sometimes been a bit A-level, sixth form poetry. I hadn’t learnt about that thing of why use 50 words when 5 will do just fine. A lot of pop music is more clever than we give it credit for. It’s a way of giving you the entire story in five words – that’s what a good pop song would do.” – on why she decided to recently complete her English degree.

If you fancy reading a full interview on her I suggest catching the one printed in The Metro on April 6th “Nerina on life, love and Kylie Minogue“.

Also you can follow her on twitter, she and producer/husband Andy Chatterley are respectively [ladychatterley] and [Andy_Chatterley]

nerina pallot london scala[all PHOTOS above by © kranari]

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