Moody Monday : Pinup edition

by kranARI

Why do pinup photos always have to involve a one piece swimsuit? I am certainly psychologically ready for a radical change of season, but the weather here doesn’t seem to want to let up. Cold, cold, cold, rain, more rain and even sleet! I mean, give us a break already, Easter has come and gone so I am organising my personal little protest here with a pinup session (and even though I secretly detest pollen for what it does to my sinuses-wheeze wheeze-I can sleep soundly tonight knowing I’ve done my part to revive spring from its permanent state of hibernation.)

Malin Akerman pinup

Marlin Akerman. Swedish Bon Bon pinup

Zooey Deschanel. Pinup au natural

freida pinto

Freida Pinto. Whoever thought of this was a genius pinup

amy adams

Amy Adams. All American pinup

scarlett johansson pinup

Scarlett Johansson. Classic pinup

katy perry pinup

Katy Perry. Lolita turned Jesus pinup?


Amanda Seyfried. Pussy pinup


Marion Cotillard. Pinup à la française

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