Holiday Heat : This years’ MUST-SEE TV shows

by kranARI

This is my current list of Must-Watch TV shows this year.

1. Better off Ted

It’s a real shame this show just recently got cancelled, but catch it online or watch reruns on the tube : Your typical giant money making American company with a twist. Portia DeRossi and her co-workers/mad scientists have nothing to hide for they go on to create illogical and untrustworthy products that will probably end humankind as we know it. Fantastic writing and comedic timing from all involved in this show, perhaps it was a bit too much truth for America to swallow.

2. Modern Family

A family parody starring our favourite “Ted Bundy” as family head, Julie Bowen as his beautiful daughter and hilarious Sofia Vergara as his Colombian wife. You also get your token gay dad couple that adopt a baby girl from Vietnam and enjoy the antics of the “cool” dad played by Ty Burrell. This show is a MUST *** if you want to add comedy to your week.

3. United States of Tara

Finally someone decides to tackle the issue of mental health in a show. (Tara suffers from multiple personality disorder) The best thing about this show is without a doubt Toni Collette who continues to impress with her versatility and humanity that she manages to bring to every character she portrays.

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