Feature Friday : A Fine Frenzy, a name for a poet

by kranARI

a fine Frenzy alison sudolJust take her “band” name as an example. Alison Sudol has been quoted saying that she doesn’t want to be known for her name as an individual artist because she wants her fans to focus on the music instead. A Fine Frenzy, the name, the music and the person encompass the essence of an all round artist. She graduated high school at the age of 16 giving the excuse of “having no social life”, but I just think it’s just her way of saying she is a shy girl who loves to read and is a slight geek. Her lyrics are a pretty obvious example to me that she is not only a poet but a storyteller and I’m actually not surprised that she’s writing a children’s book. I’m simply impressed with her constant thirst for knowledge, having taught herself how to play the piano, and how she continues to stay involved with literature and the importance she’s placed on education in her interviews.

alison sudol

As far as her music goes, fans were blown away by her first album “A cell in the sea” but I personally think she’s come into her own with the release of her sophomore album “Bomb in a Birdcage”. I’ve been listening to it for about two months now and I’m starting to realize that this album is a combination of who she was and who she wants to be as an artist. She’s taken her solemn and deep melodies and lyricism from her old writing and branched out into different genres with her new album, dabbling in indie anthems with “Stood up” and quirkier, happier pop songs like “Electric Twist”. My personal favorite is “Elements” which brings her poetic talents to the foreground. Videos like “Blow Away” and “Happier” showcase her quirky upbeat new direction and Many of her fans are slowly warming up to this new side of her but I personally think they need to give the artist they admire some time and space to release things that helps them experiment and grow.

I’m really looking forward to catching her live, whenever she makes her way down to London and see what she has to bring to the table in a live setting. Meanwhile have a listen to her latest album on her official website.

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