Tuesday Tunes : In the recording studio

by kranARI

microphone photoEver wonder how the magic is made? What the artists are like in their most creative state? Check out some cool videos from within the recording studio to witness for yourself how the music is created.

Lady Gaga recording her song “Telephone” with Darkchild

Taylor Swift and Colbie Caillait collaborate in the studio on Swifts’ song “Breathe”

Young artist Demi Lovato cranks some exquisite vocals behind the scenes of the making of her new record with the JoBros

Beyonce on her album “I am Sasha Fierce and recording parts of “If I were a boy” and “Single Ladies”

Though Avril Lavigne is kind of annoying (what a surprise) in this following clip, her process is kind of cool to watch.

I’m going to leave you with this cute video of Pixie Lott trying to record her single “Mama do” in Simlish for Sims 3. Enjoy!

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