Moody Monday : The Sexy Female edition

by kranARI

Since I put you all through a very “theme specific” Monday last week, today I’ve decided to perk it up a bit with some sexy images of women we all know and admire to titillate your eyes. Drawn from a variety of photo shoots from different magazines, I chose images that perhaps you’ve never seen before to introduce these women that have been in the spotlight this past year.

Vera Farmiga caught my attention for the first time this year with her refreshing and sexy role as a female “player” in “Up in the Air“. Her role won her several nominations across the board and certainly increased her marketability for future parts though she seems to be pretty wide versed in her choice of characters. What will stay with you after you watch this film is her infectious smile.

Eva Green became famous in Bernardo Bertolucci’s “The Dreamers” and later in “Casino Royale“. This year she opted for a role outside the spotlight in the controversial film “Cracks“. This girl definitely has a dark streak and the words “femme fatale” written all over her.

Zoe Saldana kick started her career in “Centre Stage” as an aspiring ballerina and solidified her fame with starring roles in “Star Treck” and “Avatar“. Though she doesn’t seem to me to possess amazing acting skills, her grace and beauty will probably get her quite far in this industry.

Ashley Greene captured our hearts as the spunky vampire Alice in “Twilight“. Hopefully there will be more to come from this fresh young face .

Julianne Moore has always been one to dazzle with her quirky, indie films and enthralling performances. This year she captures us once more in the brilliantly shot “A Single Man” and thriller “Chloe”.

Marion Cottilard has the most expressive eyes I have ever seen on screen. Got critics and audiences alike to notice her for her tremendous performance in “La vie en Rose” which won her several awards. This year she is the saving grace of Rob Marshall’s “Nine” along Daniel Day Lewis.

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