Feature Friday : Laura Marling

by kranARI

Laura Marling. So much to say…A friend introduced me to her initially by simply saying “Just come to this gig with me, don’t ask me about this girl, you just have to see her live.” If I hadn’t been to the gig myself without questioning her judgment, I wouldn’t have believed that this hidden gem of an artist existed. Not only did she exist but she was filling small theatres and people were singing along to her songs so passionately. For one, her nominations for last year’s Mercury Award as well as this year’s Solo Artist of the Year from the NME’s is inconsequential. You see Laura has this talent. She’s incredibly shy on stage but the minute she opens her mouth to sing, her music and lyrics touch fans and newcomers alike. There’s not much I can say to convince you, except post some videos of the 18 year old and the things she writes about, which makes you wonder if she’s a re-incarnation of some elder music genius.

Lately she’s had a slight change of image after her disastrous hair dye experience and it’s not only her colour that has changed. After touring in India with Mumford and Sons, another superb band, she seems to have adopted a slightly tweaked style. Her songs seem to have driving force behind them. Check out this live video of her performing her first single “Devil’s Spoke” live in San Francisco. Then, have a look at the videos beneath of her older songs to get an idea or her repertoire.

Also, I urge you to go see her in concert. If you’re lucky enough to catch her with her band, you’ll be blown away by the creativity that surrounds this unusual mix of instruments (piano, double base, banjo, cello and the occasional percussion). Most importantly you should check out her albums:

“Alas I Cannot Swim”, and the most recent one “I speak because I can” due for release on Monday the 22nd of March. You can listen to her new album HERE and I would suggest you purchase tickets quickly….they sell out!

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