Wicked Wednesday : Guilty Pleasure, “Telephone”

by kranARI

What can I say, I’m very excited about this music video. There’s something that works really well for Lady Gaga and she’s smart enough to keep using older techniques that have made her successful.

The video below is reminiscent of the “Paparazzi” music video as both were directed by Jonas Akerlund. In it she pays tribute to her vast gay following and there are some great dance routines and of course the presence of Beyonce that makes every minute worth watching! At first I thought it would be weird to have two very strong presences dominate the song but they’ve worked so well together, complementing each with cute lezzie undertones. If you’d like to read a super sleek short analysis of “Telephone” visit Elyses’ Blog to catch a blink and a more detailed view HERE.

Enjoy the beautiful colors, the butt flashes (ew…) and the quirky story line – I think Gaga has an obsession with poisoning people…

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